The stock market is always full of surprises, it’s not easy to decide which stocks to buy. In 2020 markets were largely dominated by Tech stocks and for 2021 experts believe it’s still the same trend to follow. However, due to the easing of lockdown in the world, we shall expect the regular stocks to stage a comeback. But in the current scenario let’s have a look at our 5 best picks to choose the Top 5 best stocks to buy in 2021.

1) Paypal Holding:

Having a market value of  $ 247 billion, Paypal is the world-leading online payment services provider. With growing online businesses in mind, we shall expect Paypal Holding to perform well in 2021.

2) Castle Biosciences:

Castle Biosciences has been giving returns at an annual average of 26.6 % for 5 years. Also in these pandemic times, the health sector has been in the limeline. So we expect this stock to continue its run further.

3) IEC:

IEC with a market of just $122 million, specializes in medical and defense sector devices. Since the medical sector is booming in this pandemic time, we expect this small company to post robust growth.

4) Alibaba Group:

The e-commerce giant has reached a market value of $713.7 billion, during this pandemic online businesses are growing exponentially. So we expect this group to grow even stronger.

5) Pinterest:

With a market value of $42.3 billion, s a social-networking app that allows users to share images grouped by keywords. We expect this platform to grow at least 20 percent per year for the next 4 years since the company is now partnering with Shopify.

So these are Top 5 best stocks to buy in 2021.

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