How many of us have a perfect relationship? A good relationship makes us feel secure, happy, respected, cared and free to be ourselves. If we are in a relationship we feel relax and confident. If we turn the coin on the other side we are in toxic relationships, in which we feel drained, depleted and sometimes distraught. A relationship brings joy, happiness, relaxation in life but when a relationship causes unhappiness and makes you feel angry, sad, anxious these are the indicators of a toxic relationship.

Do we even know what a toxic relationship is?

All take, no give:

A relationship in which we experience withdrawals of energy and emotions without deposits, a relation in which the other person takes everything from us and gives nothing in return except mentally and physically depression.

Feeling drained:

It is the right time to re-evaluate when in a relationship, instead of feeling productive or happy we are always drained mentally, emotionally or physically that leaves a high bad impact on our health. If our partner is constantly making us unhappy, we owe it to ourselves to let that person go.


Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. We can stay in a relationship without the factor of trust, but this kind of relationship will never go anywhere and we feel insecure in this type of relationship as well as It is an unhealthy relationship and this thing makes us feel unsafe. A relationship without trust can never run smoothly and the result comes in the form of anxiety, depression, and diseases.


Do we even think that without communication there is the relationship? It is impossible that something positive can come out of a relationship filled with a lack of communication. Commutation is the first requirement of a good partnership with that mutual understanding is also required. If we spend our time avoiding each other then all we need to know is that this type of relationship is useless and will be finished after a time.


Do we even find any reason to be with a person who is not interested to show support? What is the meaning of living with a person who brings zero positivity in our lives? Spending too much energy navigating the relationship is purposeless. The quality of a good relationship is that it improves our lives, it does not make it messier. Relationships should be a source of strength, not a source of disruptive envy.


We can see that all relationships go through challenges but the quality of a good relationship is that it works through them. The substantial challenge is when we are in a position where we need to change our opinions to please someone else, what is more, toxic than that? It is a surreptitious thing toxic relationships do when they leave us feeling that we don’t deserve any better.

When our partner is still stuck in the past, nothing is sure and forward movement feels impossible then we should try to leave this toxicity as soon as we can because anyone is a relationship have the right to say no.

What we need to do is to stay true to ourselves, be strong and listen to our hearts.

How to survive a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is not about being unromantic, non-supportive or less caring it can also be abusive in many different ways like physically violent or emotionally manipulative. What we can do to survive a toxic relationship:

Set Boundaries:

In the beginning, we don’t know what our boundaries are until someone crosses them. Do set boundaries in a relationship, it should be clear and defined. Compromise is necessary for every relationship but the relationship itself should not be a compromise.

Stay authentic:

We need to understand that maybe sometimes our intentions are pure and we want our partners to grow and to be successful but our partners are not projects and it is just a time pass for him or her that it is not our responsibility to fix them. Our responsibility is to work on ourselves with sincerity and honesty.

A healthy relationship is interdependent, two individuals experience closeness and share responsibilities whether they are financial or emotional. It should be not like that only one individual is solely relying on the other person to meet their emotional and psychological needs.

Go no contract:

Take a break from each other and avoid contact for a few weeks, this way will give us some time off from each other and will allow us to spend more time with ourselves. It is the elementary way to reset our relationship.

Focus on love:

During no contract period, we need to take time out to think about our relationship, but instead of focusing on the problems, we should try to remind ourselves why we fell in love with our partner and how much we love them. We must shift our focus to the good feelings and how they mean to us.

Accept your mistakes:

We need to understand, identify and accept our mistakes that have led our relationship into toxic territory. By accepting our own faults we will be able to fix at least half the issues. We must open ourselves up to understand our partner better and what exactly needs to be fixed in our relationship.

There is a chance that we can fix a toxic relationship and experience the love we once felt in our relationship. But not all relationships can be healed. Sometimes it is better just to walk away.

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