The bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure measure was officially signed into law by President Joe Biden today. Senator Brian Schatz of the United States supported the legislation’s passage in the Senate in August. It includes at least $2.8 billion for Hawai’i’s road and bridge repairs and climate change adaptation projects. 

Additionally, it strengthened high-speed internet connection in Native Hawaiian villages and across the state of Hawaii, and it increased the alternatives for locals to use public transit.

According to Senator Schatz, “billions of federal dollars are now on their way to Hawai’i to help us improve our buses and public transit systems. We will also fix our roads and bridges and generate thousands of new job opportunities across the state.” [1]

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

As officially known, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will start the flow of billions of dollars to states and communities. Govt will use it for projects including expanding broadband, installing electric car charging stations, expanding trains, replacing lead pipes, and improving bridges and roads. Leaders stated on Monday that the law will affect every American and community across the nation and will provide funds for projects, states, and communities over the next ten years.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Is For New York

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law from President Biden and Vice President Harris is the biggest long-term infrastructure investment and competitiveness in a century. New York has to take action, according to recently revealed state-level data. It proves that New York will benefit from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

New York’s infrastructure has endured decades of neglect due to systematic underfunding. New York received a C- on the American Society of Civil Engineers’ infrastructure grade sheet. 

For millions of New Yorkers, the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will improve their quality of life. It will prepare the United States to prevail in the twenty-first century by generating prosperous union employment and economic prosperity.

What did Biden say while Signing the Bipartisan infrastructure bill?

On November 15, President Joe Biden signed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill into law on the White House grounds. A few Republican lawmakers were present for what could have been the last bipartisan act before the 2022 midterm elections.

The president wants to utilize the law to restore his declining popularity due to growing prices and failure to completely eradicate the economic and public health hazards posed by COVID-19. “America is moving again for better, and your life is going to change,” Biden told the American people. [2]

How can you understand the Infrastructure Legislation?

President Biden used the term “infrastructure” to describe the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, trains, and ports. It has been enlarged to now encompass “human” or “social” infrastructure.

  1. Bipartisan law caused two pieces of legislation related to infrastructure to be proposed. The first was the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which addresses conventional infrastructure.
  2. The Build Back Better Act, a second measure, addresses social infrastructure.
  3. Initially, Democratic liberals who insisted that the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better agenda package pass first held up the bipartisan $1.2 trillion plan, followed by Democratic moderates who requested extra Congressional Budget Office costing of that bill.

Will the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill bring progress to New York?

The $1.2 trillion infrastructure measure includes about $550 billion in new money. It will pay more for improvements in the nation’s highways, bridges, and railroads. To supply communities with safe drinking water, White House representatives have also stated that it will be possible to repair lead pipes.

Establishing a network of EV charging stations will make large portions of the country’s population more accessible to the internet. Mitch Landrieu, a former mayor of New Orleans and current top White House advisor under Biden, will oversee the bill’s implementation, which spans multiple federal organizations.


By distributing billions of dollars to state and local governments to repair deteriorating bridges and roads and by granting millions of Americans access to broadband internet, the bill aims to generate employment across the nation.

Due to his management of the economy and other concerns, Biden’s job approval ratings have decreased. As he approached the podium, he was greeted by a standing ovation and heard some crowd members chanting in his favor.

Before the event, Biden signed an executive order mandating that American-made products be given preference in infrastructure projects, according to the White House. Biden and his administration’s senior officials are traveling to support the infrastructure package.


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