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Beauty is no longer about looking a certain way, or conforming to certain trends like it used to be in the olden days. 

Things are not perfect in terms of acceptance, but they are getting better and better with each passing day.

Feeling beautiful is now more about being comfortable in your own skin, taking ownership, and rocking the look that makes you feel good inside and out.

It is good to see that people are becoming more accepting of differences. The way someone looks, their hairstyle, the tone of their skin, or the marks on their face, or how they choose to dress.

The good side of Social Media

We get to hear so much about the cons of social media, its algorithm messing up our minds, making us fall prey to the capitalist world, and all things dark and scary about it. But, there is one thing that it is promoting and that is awareness about accepting your flaws, taking pride in those stretch marks, flaunting those dangling tummies, and loving oneself to the fullest. 

With the rise of the influencers, people have started owning their bodies, started taking a stand against bullying, protesting against the fairness cream brands. Shouting out loud that Dark Is Beautiful, too!

Makeup brands joining the league

Noticing the trends, the makeup brands have also added a whole range of foundation and concealer shades to their collections.

Fenty Beauty was one of the first brands that launched its all-inclusive range of foundation and concealers.

Not only the shades, the cosmetic companies put a lot of thought into deciding the names for their beauty products. 

Selena Gomez recently launched her makeup collection, and her team has carefully named the beauty products after some uplifting emotions.

What it was like in the days gone by?

This is no secret that years ago beauty was way too limiting. There were certain criteria that defined if you were beautiful or not.

  • You have to be fair

  • If you’re a size zero

  • If you have silky, auburn hair

  • If you have hazel eyes

  • If you have a long, cylindrical face

This is just a teaser, I’m sure you all are aware of how suffocating and stereotypical the standards were for beauty back then.

Girls were turning anorexic, getting extremely conscious about their looks.

Teenagers were painfully bullied and isolated for looking a certain way. Colorism was at its peak in those times. 

Runway models were starving themselves to maintain those unrealistic figures. 

Alek Wek, a trailblazer, and influencer heavily regarded for her efforts in shattering the stereotypes set for beauty. 

Wek and many other women like her came forward as the days progressed to raise awareness about the lifelong consequences of the stereotypes of beauty, set by media for the younger generation.

The youth then followed what media ingrained in their impressionable minds. They were forced to believe that beauty looked a certain way. 

Here’s to the naysayers, the non-conformists

We cannot end this discussion here without commending the ones who stood out, spoke up, made that noise and shattered those stereotypes one after another, and made this world more inclusive and accepting for all of us.

Thanks for making us love our redheads, showing off those lovely freckles of ours. For helping us see beyond those birthmarks and making us feel loved if we looked skinny or large. 

To those runway models for starting a whole fashion week for the hijabis. For breaking those barriers and not giving in. We owe it to you.

Here’s to the beauty brands providing us our exact shade so that we don’t experience those prom night disasters anymore, and that we’re done looking a shade too odd for our natural skins.

This one is for the MUAs for introducing the no-makeup make-up trends so that we can make do with the bare minimum. Thank you for endorsing reality.

To the celebrities who taught us about the edited realities, for revealing their faces without makeup to help us gauge how media plays with our minds. For talking about airbrushing and photoshopped images. And help us own our unique beauty. 

Thank you, we owe it all to you. We can now love those greys on our heads and smile wide on Wednesdays while flaunting our double chins. We can be all carefree.

Yes, things are not perfect but they are not as intimidating as they used to be. 

There is a long way to go, but there’s hope that we’ll find a way out of this mess and start loving ourselves more wholesomely.

Nothing is more freeing than accepting ourselves as we are and not trying to change the way we look or we dress only because the world thinks against it. 

Beauty is not limiting, it is freeing and it is magical. You just have to see within.

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