The city of skyscrapers Dubai hosted the most incredible world exposition which ran from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022. The magical atmosphere of the Dubai Expo was almost like a glimpse into the future. Many pavilions presented futuristic ideas and mind-blowing innovations. The event featured around 200 pavilions and each one was a reflection of the respective country’s culture and aspirations.

With the event covering 438 hectares of space between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, It’s impossible to declare one as the best, even if all pavilions were incredible and lived up to the expectations of the given theme of “connecting minds, creating the future.” But some Pavilions outright exceeded the expectations and blew away the minds of the visitors of the mega event. Let’s look into the intricacies of some of them.


The Saudi Arabia Pavilion


Let us begin the list with the pavilion that won not only the “’Best Pavilion’ category but also two other honorary awards from The Exhibitor Magazine. In terms of area, the Saudi Arabian Pavilion was considered to be the second-largest pavilion at the Expo after UAE. Its entrance was lit up by mesmerizing displays and the interior was even more captivating. Visitors not only encountered stunning tourist sights around Saudi Arabia, but also the world-breaking record of the largest LED mirror screen display and the longest interactive water feature.

The Luxembourg Pavilion


The Luxembourg Pavilion was the best surprise from the Dubai Expo because no one expected the lesser-known country to become one of the biggest attractions of the 2020 Expo. The Luxembourg Pavilion was a genius architectural piece that used the looping geometry of the “Möbius Strip” which represents infinity.

Visitors were also enlightened by the country’s significance, such as the fact that Luxembourg was the sole provider of materials that made up the Burj Khalifa. Along with this they also witnessed the unique cuisine and culture of Luxembourg. The space ended at a beautiful atrium where visitors could either exit via a walkway or the slide.

The United Kingdom Pavilion

The UK Expo 2020 was a dream come true for space and AI Technology enthusiasts. This pavilion highlighted the contributions of the UK to the sectors of of space and artificial intelligence. It was filled with mind-blowing displays and interactive exhibitions. But the most fascinating part of the UK pavilion was an AI structure that composed poems based upon a word given by a visitor. For this reason, the UK pavilion was marked by the name “the poem pavilion’. This structure, which is the first UK pavilion to be designed by a female designer Es Devlin, was inspired by Stephen Hawking who once endorsed a competition in which people were invited to submit a potential message for an advanced alien civilization, The goal was to represent our planet through the power of words.

The UAE Pavilion


The host of the 2020 Expo was not going to stay behind in the glory and thus the UAE pavilion was one of the most extravagant ones out there.

The exterior was inspired by the falcon, UAE’S national bird. The pavilion had wings on the outside which closed down by the night but still managed to look amazing.  Visitors experienced the magnificent cultural heritage of the UAE as well the progressive and peaceful goals of its society.

The 1,5000 sq. m. pavilion overlooked the incredible Al Wasl Plaza, one of Dubai’s many EXPO 2020 projects. Al Wasl is the historical name for Dubai but it also means “connection” in Arabic. This plaza is symbolic for bringing  people together at the Expo and the plaza’s physical location at the heart of the site.

The Jamaica Pavilion


The Jamaican Pavilion was one of the coolest pavilions of the Dubai Expo. With its Caribbean vibes and the theme of “The riddim that moves and connects the world” It remained a popular attraction for the visitors of the Expo. Apart from the many free coffee and food samples received in the Jamaica Pavilion, visitors were also delighted to purchase authentic Jamaican products available, such as the ackee and hot sauces. This pavilion was also an outstanding display of Jamaica’s rich artistic and musical history and global contribution to the field in Zone 5. According to “The Time Out” article on Dubai Expo 2020, Jamaica “struck gold with its spontaneous street party-style pavilion”

Honorary mentions

  • The Hungary Pavilion showcased Hungary’s mineral, medicinal and thermal waters without using a single drop of water, in line with the expo’s theme of sustainability.

  • The highlight of the China Pavilion was the exterior wall of the lantern-shaped structure engineered to showcase China’s innovative movable printing inventions. The same converted into a dazzling array of digital lights at night.

  • Visitors of the Pakistan Pavilion experienced the ultimate hospitality. They were entertained with alluring art, cultural installations, rich diversity, and mouth-watering cuisine. It also became one of the most visited pavilions of Expo 2020.

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