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We often believe that moral strength is mastered by the person who is morally strong and has the ability to resist their desires. Moral strength is often considered to be a very rare virtue because it is not easy to master your excessive and idiosyncratic desires. A morally strong person will be able to give up their desires and know what is good and master their desires accordingly. Moral strength is a very unique attribute that is not found in many people and it makes it almost difficult for many people to be morally strong. This is a very rare virtue. Many people might look morally strong but there are numerous things that an individual faces that forces him to become a morally weak person. This might be a temporary weakness, but this happens to many of us.

Moral strength and desires

Moral strength usually comes from within and the people who usually given up to their desires are usually those who lack habituation to their virtue. Moral strength mainly consists of the mind being able to recognize what is wrong and what is right. If you are unable to do so, it will create a moral weakness. Self-control is a subject term that is interchangeably used with the term moral strength. The person who has to ability to control their desires has a high level of moral strength. Many people argue that moral strength is not a rare virtue, but it is believed otherwise. Moral strength is a greater but rare virtue as it consists of having a strong personality and being able to go against your wishes.

Life is hard and people tend to make their minds believe that their wishes and their actions are not something that they have to resent for, but in reality, this is just another battle that the mind fights against itself trying to determine whether they are doing the right thing or not.

Moral strength and moral values

Often, the moral strength is directly related to moral values. It is usually related in a way that moral strength can only be created if a person has moral values. The person who places their moral values at a high rank will have a greater moral strength but if the case is otherwise then it makes it very difficult for any individual to cope with their problems or their moral conflicts. Moral values make a man look at things in a very different way and it makes it almost impossible for them to go against their moral values.


There is no doubt that the moral strength works in the same field as the self-control. Although, it can be said that the moral strength and self-control are similar, but they are also different. The morally strong person is aware of the fact that their desires and their pleasures are irrelevant so thus they true to have self-control over their desires. However, this is not the case with the morally weak person, they are unaware of their excessive desires and they often give in to their desires. Having self-control also makes a person morally strong and vice versa.

Moral weakness

People who often have morally weak personalities tend to give in to their desires and involve in unethical activities. These people are usually unaware of their unethical activities. Their mind works in a way that gives them an assurance that whatever they are doing is ethically correct and there is nothing to worry about. This creates a conflict in their mind and their heart as they are aware somewhere deep down that whatever they are doing is a sign of moral weakness. Virtue is knowledge and it seems that the person who does not have knowledge is also lacking virtue and it makes it almost impossible for that person to have moral strength despite the lack of knowledge.


Moral strength is greater, but a rarer virtue would be the best way to put this statement. It means that moral strength is a great virtue, but it is very rare to find. Many people might find it difficult to obtain as they give in their desires. Desire is eternal, and it is present in every human being. Desires are what makes a human but control your desires is also something that humans are in control of, unlike animals. It is evident that humans need something that will make them happy, but they usually give in to the temporary pleasure not considering the outcomes that their desires will cause in the longer run. The best way to increase your moral strength is to have knowledge. As it is rightly said that knowledge is power. The statement is also in fact rightly stated that moral strength is greater but a rarer virtue.

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