Many students around the world have been familiar with Online Education for ages. But due to the current situation of Lockdown, it has become the talk of the town as the educational institutes are closed and students are taking online classes so there will be no loss of studies and students don’t stop learning. Thanks to the online Education system.

The Corona Virus Pandemic made it reshape almost every aspect of our world and that includes education too. Hundreds of millions of students all around the world stuck at home and have been turning to online education. On the one hand, Experts are worried about what effects could online classes have on Educational System as a whole, plus, beyond the pandemic, can E-Education even be as effective as classrooms? And on the other hand, it’s getting rough and tough on students.


Downsides of online classes

The benefits that online learning brings to students are tremendous and undeniable. Pursuing an online course is an excellent choice in education, especially when traditional learning situations have many obstacles, such as commuting or distance. However, as every coin has two sides, e-learning also has some downsides that can make it a little bit inconvenient for students.

Lack of face to face interaction

Lack of face to face and verbal interaction between a teacher and students leads towards the poor pupil-teacher relationship.

Absence of face-to-face communication results in the failure of receiving immediate feedback for students’ assignments. They may not have their problems and questions solved by professors or classmates as in a traditional class, which can function as a barrier in one’s learning

The physical presence of a teacher keeps students excited through interactive and interesting activities. This empowers students to learn more from what they have received during a session.

Absence of live academic resources       

Academic resources are supported in most educational institutes such as libraries, stadiums, study areas, and laboratories, an online learning environment is much more challenging.

Online learning means studying in isolation and it obliges strong self-motivation and self-discipline to be a good learner.

Technology and Technical difficulties

It is beyond uncertainty that online learning requires some equipment. A student must have a computer, internet and the application to run programs and open files.

Whereas, power cutoff, failure in Internet servers on any hardware issue can make critical consequences on the learning process. Last but not least, a technical requirement may put great stress on ones who are completely not computer-literate, which, in turn, might lead to stress and impediment

Fun is missing

Student life is one of the most charming phases of the life of everyone. E-Learning swallows the fun part of studies as you are supposed to study remotely. You’re not interacting with people and making friends as you do in your regular classroom.

Also, the co-curricular activities that boost a student and help to build him into an overall performer instead of a nerd.

Practical Examples are missing

Delivering a lecture, giving notes, and presentations are not just enough. Problems that are practically solved in a classroom are more understanding for the student. Opting an online course has a drawback of missing this part.

Classroom interaction is missing

The classroom environment is crucial to improve and incite collaborative learning. Classroom interaction increases a healthy competition among students which ultimately enhance critical thinking skills, improve social skills, build organizational skill, and develop personality and career-building skills. E-Education has the biggest downside when it comes to increasing a student’s self-awareness about how other students learn and enables them to learn more easily and effectively, molding them into keen learners inside and beyond the classroom.

Perks of Online Education

Comfort & Privacy

There is no doubt that online education is truly valuable this is why the world has moved to it. A wallflower would love the idea of an online class where he/she doesn.t have to interact with the people they don’t like. You can be in your pajamas and nobody is going to complain about that you’re not wearing cologne or deodorant.


Online learning has to be the biggest revolution in modern education. It made a tremendous change in the system and opened great opportunities for everyone who wants to learn something.

Online education does not consume a huge deal of money, nerves, and years of students’ lives.

Clear your doubts

While learning, doubts might arise about the topic and students usually hesitate in asking questions in front of the class. In online learning, you are an anon user, and your doubts, as silly, they may be, do not have to be asked in front of a class full of students.

It will help you in getting your doubts cleared without faltering.

The Wrap Up

Online education is an actual blessing since you can get an education sitting at home, no matter what’s happening around the world, but it may become a curse when it comes to certain things. Everything around here in this world has boons and banes, so do online classes.

The importance of online education cannot be denied especially in the present situation of the Global Pandemic. Whereas, it may become a pain when it comes to the problems that are mentioned above.

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