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“A good friend is like a four-leaf clover; hard to find but lucky to have!” -Irish Proverb.

In current times, when the internet serves the mainstream of our lives. It’s always in our hands or pockets. Whatever we are doing is somehow linked to the internet. Our relationships and friendships are also becoming very social. We start finding our connections online as well, which is quite impressive. We find a person on a social media platform, see our mutual likes and dislikes, shared interest, and start chatting! Online friendship in old times is doubted to be fake and not reliable because you never know who’s behind the screen? But now in the current era, when we can go shopping online, clear bills in online banks, virtually attend schools, and even these days can date and find our soulmate online, why can’t we find some real friends online? With online friends, there are several pros. Yess!! Cons also exist but are overshadowed by pros. When we find something catchy and attention-grabbing in someone, we only then encourage ourselves to make ways to talk to them—the very first quality of our online friend. We can share with them our everyday things, and what’s better than texting your secrets with your friends than whispering. You can be present together on your mutually-interested forums like groups, whether they are political, the entertainment industry-related, or whatever you prefer. You can share looks just through a click. And the best part is you can shoot them a real quick message whenever you need their expert advice because “A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED”…

With all these persuasive strengths of an online friend, also comes some weak points which scare some people to discover or find their friends online. The very first thing that makes online friendship an issue is Trust! People believe that the person they are talking to on the screen is not genuine or somehow trying to get the information about one’s private life. They feel uncomfortable sharing and chatting with a person who they never met in real life. Other problems that come in the way of online friends are hanging out. You miss hanging out or going to your favorite places with your best friend. Another problem is miscommunication, which sometimes leads to the end of a friendship and the special bond that friends share. Despite all these dilemmas, an online company is an ideal and most trending form of bonding between two or more. And as far as we talk about the cons, we even notice these problems in any other kind of relationship or friendship. Miscommunication, the trust issue is always present even in face to face communication.

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