What is pediatric dentistry? Do you have any idea? Let me tell you that it is nothing but kids’ dentistry. Kid’s dentistry is a branch in dentistry that deals with issues related to the kids in the dentistry field from birth until adolescence.

The dentists who deal with the problems of the kids are known as pediatric dentists or pedodontists. Pedodontists is a dentist who is well trained and experienced in dealing with every aspect of the issues related to the kid’s dental health.

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What is pediatric dentist?

Pediatric dentistry is a study in dentistry with regards to the issues related to Kid’s oral health.

Pediatric dentistry refers to the practice of dealing with the children’s issues and taking care of their current oral health and also providing preventive measures. The ideal age for a child to visit the pediatric dentist is from 6 months to 12-13 years.

Likewise, adults children also require good oral hygiene and proper oral care. Even the children’s dental is as important as the adults. The overall responsibility of the child’s oral care lies on the parents.

What is the Cost of Kid’s dentistry near me?

The cost of undergoing a best child dental care visit you must try to find the best Kid’s dentist or the best kids dentistry near you. The cost of undergoing the pediatric dental checkup may vary best on different factors, including the dentist’s experience, type of dental treatment provided by the dentist, etc. Yet, the cost may differ based on the type of treatment offered by the dentist at the dental clinic.

What are the treatments provided by pediatric dentistry?

Treatments provided by the pediatric dentistry:

Here is the list of services provided by the pediatric dentist or pedodontists in their clinic to the child. The treatments provided by the dentists are:

  • Cleaning measures and preventive care.

  • Baby tooth removal

  • Cavity filling for baby teeth.

  • Sealants and space maintainers.

  • Stainless seal crowns, bonding, extractions.

  • Fluoride treatment and other treatments for preventing and more.

These are some of the dental issues that Pedodontists handle.

What are the qualifications of pedodontists?

Usually, most of them do not visit pedodontists separately; mostly, everyone sees the general dentists first, and then they visit the pediatric dentists after the recommendation of the general dentist.

General dentists can also handle cases and issues related to the kids. But when it comes to knowledge and training, they have less experience in handling kids’ issues separately.

They used to handle general cases in children, which is also common in adults, like cleaning and fillings.

For being a pediatric dentist, you must have completed at least four years of dental school and two years of residency training in dentistry for children, teens, infants, and more.

What does a pediatric dentist do?

Duties and Responsibilities of a pedodontist:

  • They check and examine the oral health of the children and the newborns and perform preventive and initiative measures to control the diseases.

  • The pedodontists diagnosed their patients based on their oral health history and provide them with the necessary care required as per their oral health.

  • Give immediate responses to the patients in case of emergencies.

  • The pediatric dentists also give proper advice and suggestions to their patients based on their oral health. They take responsibility for patients and also recommend their family members to do it so.

  • They take x-rays of the affected teeth to determine their health condition and perform the appropriate treatment.

  • The dentists are not only concerned about your teeth, but they are also engaged in treating overall oral health like tongue and gums. And do give suggestions to you.

These were some duties and responsibilities of pediatric dentistry.

Frequently Asked Questions on All about Pediatric Dentistry:

List out some issues related to pediatric dental care?

Some significant issues related to pediatric dental care include:

  • Dental emergencies.

  • Tooth Decay.

  • Tooth sensitivity.

  • Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum diseases.

  • Orthodontic treatment.

  • Thumb Sucking.

  • Dental Phobias.

What is a pediatric dentist called?

The Pediatric dentist or the Kid’s dentistry are usually known as pedodontists. They are dentists who are specialized in children’s dentistry.

What are the two main factors the affect dental health?

Two leading causes for dental issues in many people is an unhealthy diet,

consumption of alcohol and tobacco, including a high amount of sugar in your diet, etc.

What are the three signs of dental cavities?

Some signs that you may have dental cavities includes,

  • White patches or brown spots on the teeth.

  • Red or swollen gums.

  • A broken tooth may also indicate that you have a decayed tooth.

These are some primary signs that your child is affected by dental issues like cavities and tooth decay.

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