Opting for social jobs is an amazing step towards improving people’s lives. Social workers utilize their skills, knowledge, compassion, and patience in order to advocate for social, cultural and economic impact and help people combat challenges with health, age, children, families and other life issues. They are critical members of the society who work tirelessly to relieve sufferings of all people in need. Behind every individual going through a difficult time in life – whether it be poverty, abuse, addiction, unemployment, mental illness or just about anything – is a social worker eagerly waiting to help.

  • Adolescent health

Recently media has a strong focus on adolescents and sexuality, negative images for teens, anti-bullying etc more social workers are required to pay professional attention to adolescents and the distinctive issues they face during this critical period of development both physically and emotionally. Adolescent health social workers can work with schools, community agencies and medical centers, etc.

  • Developmental disabilities

Social workers can help both children and adults with different developmental disabilities which include autism, mental retardation, epilepsy, and several other conditions. They can be helped in order to become independent, easily adjust to society and live a joyful and productive life.

  • Environmental Crises

Due to sudden climate changes, different areas of the world are facing serious environmental disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. Furthermore if a town suffers through a horrendous tragedy such as shooting of people or other acts of violence, social workers along with doctors and psychologists are required to address the immediate and long-term issues facing individuals and groups affected by the calamity.

  • Corporate Social Work

Some corporations and businesses sign contracts with social workers to manage their Employee-Assistance Programs (EAP). These social workers then address issues such as mental health, family and other affairs which hinder the personal success and employment performance of an employee or the employee’s family members.

  • School social worker

Such social workers help students, teachers and their families manage mental health and behavioral concerns. They are thus required to provide constructive behavioral, academic and classroom guidance at all levels of education and can change the school experience for students who would otherwise have struggled.

  • Corporate social responsibility

Social work opportunities are frequently in demand in the private sector. A job in corporate social responsibility will provide you a chance to make a positive social and environmental change with the resources of a larger company at your disposal. As more and more companies invest in sustainability programs, social workers in this field are gradually increased in demand.

  • Foster care, social worker,

These social workers act as support for children in the foster care system and ensure that they are properly being cared for and advocated by their resource families. This job can definitely be emotionally intense but it’s also equally rewarding.

  • Child and family therapist

Child and family therapists address the needs of children from toddlerhood through latency. They may also specialize in subjects like child development, play therapy, attachment issues, and mental illness. Such social workers also work to develop child-centric solutions for families struggling with unhealthy social dynamics.

  • Human Resources Coordinator/Specialist

Human resource coordinators help to maintain a healthy work environment, ensuring that all employees feel comfortable and productive. Although this may not seem like the traditional social work, they provide many of the same services within the workplace.

  • Medical social worker

Medical social workers work in a variety of health care institutions, including hospitals, clinics and long term care centers. They may take up the roles of case managers, therapists or patient navigators; depending on the individual’s or the family’s needs. The demand for health care social work will eventually grow as Baby Boomers age, making this a strong field for social work students to enter.

  • Marriage and Family counselor

Marriage and family counselors work with individuals, couples, and families and are concerned about their interpersonal challenges. They play an essential role in helping couples navigate issues at all stages in their relationships, as well as building up healthy bonds between parents and children.

  • Community program administrator

These social workers look after all the managerial roles in social service programs and nonprofit organizations. They come up with strategic plans, formulate budgets, control staff and raise funds.

  • Speech pathologist

Speech pathologists help their clients to assess, diagnose and treat speech disorders. They assess in both social and cognitive-communication. Though speech pathology is somewhat different from social work, one must know how to make clients comfortable and ready to learn.

  • Child welfare social worker

Child welfare social workers ensure the welfare of children and their families. They work with community organizations, foster homes and government agencies to recognize children who are suffering and help them get back on their feet.

Taking up on social jobs is one of the most respectable careers. Social workers are highly on demand and cannot be replaced by robots anytime in the future. They stand up at all times for human rights and social justice to help strengthen our communities. Through their determination to bringing about positive social change, helping individuals of all ages thrive in their local environment and being an advocate for those who have lost their voice, social workers play a prominent role in enhancing the lives of those who need it most.

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