‘‘Every tooth in a man’s head is more valuable than a diamond’’ – Miguel DE Cervantes

This is why we all need to take good care of our teeth. Remember, your mouth is the window to your health. So, here are Top 10 Dental Health Care Tips everyone should follow.

  1. You are what you eat!

Always eat healthy food. Avoid junk and food having high sugar content. Eat well to feel good. The food you eat should be rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to help you have good health. If your overall health will be good, only then you can have good dental health.

  1. Proper brushing

Are you someone who always brushes their teeth in a hurry and speed? Then you need to stop because that is harmful to the teeth. Proper brushing is essential to your gums and teeth. Brush your teeth for two minutes, twice a day, usually after breakfast and before you go to bed at night. The right way of brushing your teeth is to start from the gum line and go up and down slowly, in a slightly circular manner. Remember to brush all surfaces of teeth. That’s not a big deal because even superheroes brush their teeth.

  1. Be flawless, not floss less!

People often think that brushing is enough for good dental health but in actual it’s not. One can only clean proximal surfaces (between areas of teeth) by flossing. If you don’t floss, you miss cleaning 35-40% of the tooth surface. ADA recommends flossing once in a day. Let’s consider floss and toothbrush as a paintbrush and paint roller in order. You can paint your room walls with one tool but using them together will do wonders.

  1. Picking the right toothbrush

The best toothbrush head should allow you easy access to all surfaces of your teeth. ADA recommends using a soft bristle brush. It is better to change your brush after every 6 months or when it begins to show signs of wear. Small headed brushes are also recommended as they can easily reach to all areas of the mouth and back teeth effectively.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking water is vital to not only dental but overall health. Our bodies are made up of almost 60% water and staying hydrated helps your body in several ways. The few are listed below.

  • It fights bad breath

  • Flushes away sugars, acids, and bacteria

  • Prevents dry mouth

  • Keeps your mouth clean

  • Strengthens your teeth

  • Water has no calories!

  • Prevents staining

  1. Reduce intake of sugary food

When you are eating sugar – you are feeding the beast! Bacteria in your oral cavity feed on sugar-producing acids that can destroy your teeth. That will lead to lots of cavities in your mouth and who would want that?

Do not cut the sugar completely but do reduce the intake of sugar in your diet.

  1. Avoid alcohol and tobacco

Alcohol and tobacco are the main causative agents of oral cancers – Butt out! Choose to be tobacco-free. Smoking cigarettes debilitates your body’s framework, which gives the microscopic organisms easy access to your body. Smokers are bound to have more chances of periodontal illness, which can prompt a heap of medical issues going from tooth decay to cardiovascular failure.

  1. Stop snacking

You only brush your teeth twice a day, and if you are snacking at midnight, it means you are going to leave the food particles on your teeth for about 6-7 hours of your sleep, and that is very harmful to the teeth. It feeds bacteria the nutrients it needs to grow, which leads to plaque accumulation on teeth. Hungry for a midnight snack? Then don’t forget to brush your teeth before sleeping.

  1. Stay stress-free

One can only practice good dental health care when he/she is stress-free and in a calm mood. It’s very important to maintain a good routine to have good oral health. Individuals, when they are in stress they stop eating healthy food, they eat more sugary food and that leads to more chances of tooth decay in them. When you stay stress-free, you maintain a good routine, and that ultimately leads you to have good dental health.

  1. Regular dental checkups

Visiting the dental specialist at regular intervals may not be the arrangement that everybody anticipates, but it is one of the most significant ones to keep. Get a regular dental checkup every 6 months, or you can say twice a year. Your dentist can pre detect diseases like oral cancers, cavities, and gum diseases. The dentist will be able to treat a disease before it gets too harmful and as they say, ‘‘prevention is better than cure’’.

The tooth is the only part of the body that can’t heal itself, protect them!

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