Instagram is one of the best and top trended social networking site with exciting features and colorful interface. We can’t question the incredible reach of Instagram and how it’s a trend spreading on the internet. With the increasing trend, Instagram has successfully competed with more than 400 million users in the year 2015. The service is owned by Facebook now. The new and exciting features like Video calling, video sharing, sharing images, and stories have made Instagram the best app of the year 2020. The social networking site, is updating its features and giving its users, the best experience on the social site. The hashtags, the trending news, the photo editing, IGTV, and video sharing could never be easy as before Instagram.

The website triggers its users to enjoy the attractive and upbeat, attractive image, which others could think of its worse and not so friendly social site. Besides the confusing yet flooded images, posts. Stories and videos, related to all categories, Instagram becomes the most high –rated and popular social networking site for people of all ages. All the celebrities, journalists, speakers, influential persons, companies, big brands prefer to market themselves through Instagram because of its filters, the colorful backgrounds, musical background, videos features add new life to the images and the stories.

Instagram has not only outbreak the e-commerce but also many businesses have already started their struggle to capture the market through this social networking site. This could seriously blow to their competitors who have not to access digital marketing on Instagram. Instagram is more than a social networking site, it also works as a photo editor app for the users. Marketers have now manage multiple accounts of their products with one click on Instagram.

Each day the Instagram comes with the new feature and making your life more colorful like your imagination. As Facebook has changed its interface into Dark Mode by adding a new feature, it also introduced it on Instagram. The recent update of “Dark Mode” has glued all the Instagram users’ attention.

Some people are still curious about the “dark mode” as the feature doesn’t require the app updating from the google or app store. It has some easy and simple steps, which could be changed by the android/ iOS settings.

Instagram Dark Mode Settings

  1. Go to the Settings of your Android/ iOs.

  2. Select Display & Brightness.

  3. Under the Display and Brightness settings, you can see the option of Night mode.

  4. Switch on the Night mode bar or you can also adjust the settings into automatically.

  5. The Dark mode could be matched with the daylight or the custom schedule settings on your mobile phone by switching the bar into “Turn on as scheduled”.

  6. Now start the Instagram and enjoy the “Dark Mode” which could relieve your eyes from the bright and eye pricking interface.

I was waiting for the Instagram “Dark mode’ as now Facebook and Twitter have added this feature. The Facebook dark mode also changes the settings of your profile which is not user-friendly and creates a mess in your profile. I have changed my android settings into Dark mode by the default settings. I love my crystal ball theme with a vibrant yet decent colorful background. To ease my heavy eyes, from the bright and sparkling theme of mobile, I changed my Instagram into the dark mode, the theme needed to be changed into default settings. Now I have dark mode Instagram which is comfy for my eyes but a weird and boring mobile interface and simple fonts from the default settings.

Although the feature has some major drawbacks which could make it less user-friendly. You could have the best Instagram experience with the default settings background on your android or IOS. The feature is not compatible with the theme settings on your mobile or tablets. The user has to change the “Display” settings into default by removing the themes. Yet the marketers are focusing more on the Instagram marketing also many publishing houses and advertising companies are targeting Instagrammers for their product marketing due to its colorful and attractive photo filters, stickers, gifs, and video editing options.

If you have to dim your mobile screen light, then Instagram’s new “Dark Mode” feature will attract you and easy on the eyes.

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