What is a platonic friendship?

Nowadays, girls and boys have a common habit of laughing with each other and claiming to be just good friends. Even parents are becoming unconcerned about their children engaging in this behavior. They proudly proclaim, “We trust our girls, she understands how to deal with males,” as they let their daughters mingle and hang out with guys. As a result, when their child becomes connected with someone who is not suited for them, these parents are extremely concerned.

So, how can you prevent yourself from getting into this scenario in the first place? And how can you get out of a bad relationship if you’ve been in it for a while?

Children should be taught how to communicate with individuals of the other gender after they have reached adulthood, and they should be aware of their manners. Who are we kidding if we expect them to know how to interact with guys as long as they stay out of it? It’s the same of handing a child a matchbox and telling them, “Dear, don’t get your hand burned.”

Respectful manners are important, as is avoiding enticing the other gender with your charm; hence, dressing modestly is important, and both genders share responsibility for it. The conversation should be professional. There should be no needless discussions. While talking about a project or assignment is permissible, laughing and making jokes, as well as idle chatter, can easily lead to improper topics and emotional connections. There should be no physical contact. Last but not least, keep private meetings to a minimum. It undoubtedly includes all types of social media. Hold your discussions in a group setting. Even if it’s a short message, there’s no need to react to it.

What to do if you’ve already developed feelings for someone:
To begin with, it’s unavoidable. This is how we were created. We must, however, comprehend why it occurred in the first place. It’s possible that some of the things we stated above were violated. Many connections these days take place on the internet. Anyway, what now, if the damage has been done? One of the simplest methods to tell whether or not a person cares about you is to ask him whether he’d be willing to speak to your parents. It simply proves how serious he is about his marriage plans. If someone breaks this relationship, he will be given a better alternative. Yes, it may take longer than you expect, but you will soon have a better replacement in your life.

So there’s this whole “let’s just be friends” thing. It is, in my opinion, a terrible concept. People are emotionally injured in this temporary world as well, and there are consequences in the next life. They devolve into total chaos. They are unaware of the emotional cost they pay in this world.

So these are the main reasons for the failure of platonic relationships. If these reasons are overcome, then there is no way platonic relationships will fail. I hope readers now understand what is a platonic friendship.

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