“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” -Mary Anne Radmacher

Nowadays Travelers are of various kinds. On the first hand those who actually travel and others who virtually travel. I am in the grey area. When my traveler soul slumbers it slumbers for a long and when it awakes it makes restless others around me for many round clocks and constant changing calendar dates for my trips. For the last 3 years, I am in sleeping mode, at the start because of Covid restrictions and now majorly due to job and family burden. Thanks to my husband for introducing me to the World of Virtual traveling. Whenever I told him I have craving for the journey he took me to the living area and played any traveling video of his interest, his sarcasm is weird, that’s what I say to him each time. Though it’s pretty rude actually it worked. Now as expert traveling videos viewer I can segregate types of traveling videos

  • Traveling documentaries
  • Boring traveling information, photos and videos compilation with repetition
  • Traveling vlogs

I grew up watching these authentic documentaries of Nat Geo, sometimes of Discovery. Pakistan Television Network’s traveling documentaries and my favorite were of Wajahat Malik, Bear Grylls, Bill Burrud, and sky Gaven.  I read volumes of travelogues of famous and unknown writers. I always skipped the history part. The present always attracts me. I love to juice pleasure from present,  which is before me, which is in my hand. If it attracts me; it captures me, it captivates me… it is worth visiting. Sometimes it was burning sand and sometimes it was a huge marine wave. Sometimes the World’s highest grass plan didn’t fulfill me and after hours just one blow of air changed the arena. Only actual physical travel can stir life in me, that’s why I travel. Virtual platforms like youtube lack this but last week a video did that.

It was Sunain Ali Yasir’s travel vlog.  It actually touched my gypsy soul. I felt the heat of Egypt. My soles sweat on the surface of Karnak Temple, Luxor. After a few minutes, the spell ended. I moved for another, this time I felt the cold shadow of Pyramids. My heels got wet in Magic Lake El Fayoum. On moving further I smelt foul smell of the fish market. I was in Thailand. Next, my nose was irritated by sand particles in the air, my eyes got flashed by the fire and lights of Dubai. My ears heard the chirp of the morning of dessert. This 5-minute video was 5 days Dubai tour to me. In seconds I explored dessert, city. I did safari, water surfing, snow skiing, city tour, and much more. Then I came to Pakistan and saw Seetpur, (The Hidden Gem) and Uch Shareef.

This less than hour duration was amazing. These were not vlogs. These were magic wands opening doors of desire for those cities, those countries. The specialty of these vlogs is their flowing music with dramatic effects. They do not contain lengthy information or useless small talks of travelers. Videography is at its peak. Melodious editing with visual improvements and the use of high-resolution gadgets and creative angles make them up to the level of modern cinematography.  Sunan Ali’s vlogs are must watch. There you start seeing the video you watch the whole package and it ends and you want to watch it more. If travel dreams have a musical face, Sunain knows how to show it to you.

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