Planning for a Turkey tour this holiday?

Perfect Choice!

But, don’t forget to consider the Do’s and Don’ts of traveling to Turkey.

Turkey is as incredible as it’s in the pictures. With its beautiful landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and mind-blowing cuisines, it’s an ideal place for tourists to plan their holidays here. Millions of British Nationals traveling to Turkey each year can vouch for its beauty and magnificence.

However, there are some things to consider before visiting any country and city. Similarly, if you’re planning a Turkey vacation, it’s useful to consider these points to enjoy a unique holiday experience.

See below,

1.    Greet with Respect

In Turkey, respecting elders and meeting them matters. If you’re visiting a family household or family-owned business, make sure that you take seniority into account and greet the older citizens with respect as it’s an integral part of their culture.

2.    Mosque Tour

If you’re visiting a mosque while on a Turkey tour, consider removing shoes and sandals before entering the mosque. Since a mosque is a sacred place for people living in Turkey, consider wearing modest clothes and avoid laughing loudly or walking in front of a person who is praying.

3.    Public Displays of Affection

Avoiding PDAs in Muslim countries is quite common and not a taboo for frequent travelers. However, if it’s your first time traveling to Turkey, make sure that you get to know a person first before getting on friendly terms with them.

4.    Hospitality

Turkish people are welcoming to the core. You must use polite words with them and learn about their culture more before putting on any assumptions. Fortunately, they are well-aware of the different customs in Western mannerisms so you wouldn’t have to worry about any inconveniences.

5.    Meaningful Words and Phrases

Use phrases like ‘tesekkür ederim’ (thank you) and ‘lütfen’ (please) while dealing with Turkish people. Remember ‘evet’ means yes and ‘hayir’ means no. Moreover, use raised eyebrows and maybe a ‘tsk’ sound with a tongue to say no while a downward head nod to say yes. Don’t just shake your head from side to side to signal ‘no’ as it means that you didn’t understand something.

6.    Rules and Regulations

While on your Turkey vacation, do read the rules of different restaurants and cafes. They encourage alcohol abstinence. However, some places allow moderate drinking and smoking as per the directions of their management. Avoid burping and picking your teeth as these are impolite gestures in public. Make sure that you return the favor if someone invites you for lunch or dinner or split the bills if possible.

7.    Travel Safety

Traveling to Turkey is entirely safe and trouble-free. You just have to be vigilant about your surroundings and pay attention to the guidelines to avoid any sort of commotions. Remember, you can ask people there to help you with travel guidelines. However, it’s only feasible to take care of your own luggage and other important items to avoid theft or any loss.

Wrapping Up!

Considering these Do’s and Don’ts can help you enjoy your Turkey tour. The place has some intriguing rugs, carpets, and antique jewelry shops. Do give them a visit!

Once, you’re in Turkey, you can expect a lot of yummy savories such as Turkish sweets or coffee, and authentic traditional craftwork. Just make sure to follow precautions such as to get travel insurance in case of any unexpected mishaps or medical need.

Let us know if you’re planning to visit Turkey next or have made a visit there already in the comment section.

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