Vacations are expensive, and we all know that. Some people believe that road trips are less costly than flying, but that is not true! Road trips can also cost you a fortune, especially when you are living in the US, and you have to stay on the road for 72 hours to go to another city.

Well, the good news is that there are still some simple ways that can help you in saving money on a road trip. Remember, you dont need to spend all the money on the road, save some for the actual vacation too!

In this article, I have compiled some tips that are tried and tested. These super easy tips will help you save while you are on the road. Happy Reading!

With proper planning, you can save a lot and rock your road trip like nothing else. Whether you are traveling with friends, alone, or with your significant other, be smart, plan, and follow these simple tips:

Plan your Way and Avoid Unnecessary Spending

You should always plan your route in advance! This way, you will be saved from undirected driving frequent fuel refills. Decide how many miles you have to drive and how much it will take to reach your destination. Planning your route and time will give you a rough idea of how much your trip will cost, and you will easily be able to determine a budget.

Also, keep some extra money in your budget for times of emergency. You should always have some extra cash in hand while you are on a road trip.

Pack Food and Snacks from Home

While on a road trip, you might decide to stop for a bit to get a drink or eat something. We know that you can not drive continually, and you need a break. But that doesn’t mean every time you stop, you spend a dollar on snacks or food. Trust me; you don’t want to spend all your food budget on just the road trip part.

Instead of spending your money on greasy fast food every time you stop, try to pack food and snacks from home. You can pack sandwiches, drinks, fruits, boiled or grilled vegetables, and crackers. Also, bring water bottles too!

Make a Packing List

Before starting packing, try to make a packing list to make sure you dont forget anything. Trust me; you dont want to spend your money on things you already have at home. Some of the things that are easily forgettable while packing are – toiletries, chargers, headphones, moisturizers, sunscreen, and basic garments.

All these things are must-haves and can be easily left behind. Make a detailed and in-depth packing list and keep it in front of you while packing. This way, you will save yourself from buying things you already have.

Find Affordable Accommodation

Finding cheap and affordable accommodation is the best way to save money. No, we are not asking you to stay in a deserted or a wrong place. You can find perfect places at less price too.

Try to make reservations before time. Booking in advance is always cheaper than last-minute bookings. Try to reserve your room at least two weeks earlier.

Also, try booking sites like and Expedia. They always have a lot of deals and promotional offers going on. Moreover, these websites help you to compare different hotels, their prices, and services.

Lastly, If you want to save money, try Airbnb. You want a roof over your head, right? Airbnb is the most affordable accommodation ever. Moreover, it will allow you to experience something new and exciting.


Are you adventurous? If not, then please try to be and camp because it’s free! Camping instead of staying at a hotel is the best way to save money. There are camping sites everywhere; some are free while some are paid with luxuries like showers and toilets. The fantastic part is that paid camping sites will still cost you 75% less than staying at a hotel.

Camping is just not affordable, it will give you a whole new experience, and you will get a chance to connect with nature. You will have fewer facilities, but still, it will be an adventure for you!

Avoid Getting Tickets!

Trust me, the last thing you need in your vacation is getting a ticket, especially on a road trip. Getting a ticket will ruin things for you before they even start.

So, before starting your road trip, make sure all the headlights are working. Also, don’t over speed! Keep the speed limit in mind, be thoughtful, and don’t cruise much!

You have read all our tips, so now we would like to hear from you! Leave a comment below and tell us if these tips worked for you or not. Happy tripping!

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