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It’s all about colors!

Interestingly, we are all exposed to colors (including different shades of red) and their psychology from the moment we are born. For instance, boys wear blue and girls pink.

Colors have a strong influence on fashion, business, history, and culture of any country. With each passing year, colors are widely acceptable in different transformative and new ways across the globe.

Colors are also connected with a season, feeling, or state of mind. They reflect moods, confidence, energy, and strength. Adding, we generally wear darker shades of red in winter and prefer light shades like white in winter.

Each color is a color of nature and imposes strong and different impacts on the mind and body.


We find a red color in almost every place. This color has many uses. Since it’s a primary color, we cannot create it by mixing other colors, but we can make different shades of red by mixing pure red with other colors.

Red is the color of fire and blood. And, it has been associated in history with danger, sacrifice, and courage. Modern survey reveals the association of red with anger, love, activity, passion, heat, sexuality, and joy.

Certainly, it is known to attract and get people’s attention.

A study has found a waitress wearing red lipstick earned greater attention and tips than those wearing a different color or no lipstick.

It reflects greater energy and strength. Athletes wearing red give their opponent a sign of threat and danger. Interestingly, the color red makes people experience faster breathing and heartbeat too.

How to wear red color in winter?

A small piece of advice for men, women, and kids out there: Always dress for the occasion, wear and stick to shades that suit your skin.

During colder months, there are a lot of occasions to dress up like parties, festivities, weddings, and New Year and Valentine too.

To wear red, you have to keep certain things into consideration as it grabs people attention and doesn’t always look nice with other colors:

  • How do you take the color?

Unlike some, most men and women do not like wearing bold colors or dark shades during winter as it does not suit their personality. They do not find themselves confident in wearing red.

If you are confident in wearing red, then go for reds and wear a nice dye, or a denim jacket or a red bomber. But if you are unsure, wear red trainers or a T-shirt with a contrasting color like navy blue jeans.

Also, it is best to use this color as an accessory to add some color to your outfit. Red handbags, shoes, jackets, socks, jewelry, headbands, lipstick, or simply a red nail color will serve the purpose.

You can also reduce the effects of this color by wearing it in contrast to white or other neutral colors like cream to reduce the bold effects and move you towards a simpler side.

  • Consider your skin tone:

According to fashion experts, if you have darker hair or ice white skin, then go for bright clear red. If you have olive skin, a rust-red color will suit you.

For almost all complexions, darker shades of red are better.

6 shades of Red to try this winter:

There are hundreds of shades of red that nature has given us. Color experts get inspired by them and use them accordingly.

Best red shades for this winter are highlighted:

  1. Maroon:

A shade of red that never goes out of fashion. It is a mix of brown and red.

In a season with lots of festivities, bonfires, and barbeques, this shade of red will surely work out for both males and females.

  1. Burgundy:

This shade of red works best on every skin tone and surely, it is the color of this season. It is a mix of red and purple. Pair it with different color combinations like white and silver to highlight your look.

  1. Crimson:

A shade of red inclining to purple. Certainly, this shade of red is for a cool winter season. Not only it will give you a bold look, but make you look attractive and classy.

  1. True Red;

Surely a color for both men, women, and kids. It is one of the best red shades which represents love, happiness, and joy and can be used to attract the opposite sex.

In cool winters, a season when bold colors are in, this color should not be left out.

  1. Cardinal Red:

For deep winters, adorn yourself with cardinal red. Those not interested in bold looks, add this color by a tie, a pair of shoes, pocket square, blazer, or simply a lip color.

  1. Carmine red:

Suitable for cold winters: ideal for all- men, women, and kids. Wear this color and make yourself look trendy this season. This shade of red is a general term for deep red color.


Certainly, red, a primary color, has been an all-time favorite in all seasons.

Uniquely, it can be worn in different ways and carry class and elegance.

Ideally, this color represents the history, class, culture, traditions, fashion, and art of all countries around the world. Feelings, moods, and state of mind are also reflected by this color.

To sum up, this color plays a vital role in our lives and one of the best colors nature could give us.

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