Among Us is getting popularity day by day. The game has been played by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. It is a game of people with a brain. Among Us looks like a simple game but as soon as you start playing it, you will get the idea of its rapid-fire towards your mind. I will make you understand how you can play this game and what are their rules. But before that, let’s get into its detailed introduction.

Details About Among Us

Among Us is develop by InnerSloth. Among Us is a multinational game that is produced by an American developer. It was published in June 2018. In the first half of September, it was downloaded by 42 million times on steam. When its video was uploaded on YouTube. It was viewed by 4 billion people. Because of high traffic, YouTube reported its video. Among Us was popular on even TikTok and got 13 million views on it. Among Us exceeded 100 million downloads in September 2020. Among Us is one of the most top-rated games which didn’t stop to get popularity with passing time.

Among Us is free on android phones. You can download it from the google play store. But Among Us game will charge you 5 dollars if you want to install it on your PC. In android phones, it contains ads, which can be removed by paying 2 dollars. There will be no audio in the game to keep the secrets of an Imposter.

How to Play Among Us?

Though Among Us is a multiplayer game. You need a minimum of 4-10 people to start the game. There may have only two options that you might face or might be the Crew member or Imposter.

The crew members in Among Us Game has to complete the given task on the map. Whereas, Imposter is the one who will kill all the players one by one without being caught by any other Crew member. If the imposter is successful in killing every crewmate then he will alone win the whole match. But if the crewmembers get successful in completing every task, then they all will win the game.

When Imposter kills any crewmate, he has to run away from there before any other crew member watch him because after reaching the killing spot crew member has to send an alert to all the crewmates and report them about a murder. On getting the high alert notification, you need to join the urgent meeting or discussion table to discuss the position of yours and others. Also, you have to vote for a person you think is an Imposter between you. If the majority of crewmates vote for one person and show that it is an Imposter and he/she is not an Imposter then the person got eliminated for that round. The task will be continuing until crewmembers complete all the task or an Imposter kill any other person. But if you all vote for the correct person and he/she is an Imposter then the crewmembers will win the game.

You can play Among Us with family and friends by creating a private room. Also, you can play it locally with service users. Among Us is one of the eye-catching games for a few months. Here I want to mention that the developers are working on releasing Among Us 2 but, the date is not confirmed yet.

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