Fashion trends come and go. After all, this makes them trend. And while some of them you should definitely ignore, many of them should make you a point to try.

Talking about runway fashion, if you want to keep your wardrobe up-to-date, then the world’s top street style stars have your inspiration. Every season, these stylish women launched the latest and greatest fashion look. From Paris and Milan to London and New York, there are spectacular outfits at every fashion week of the month.


If we talk about 2019, we can definitely say that 2019 was one of the best years in the sense of new fashion trends. Some of the top fashion trends of 2019 are:

fasion trend 2019

Bike Shops with Blogger:

This is the trend that keeps on giving, and its latest offering is unexpected as well as being stylish. Bike shorts were worn with blazers by several styles this month. Offering a new blend of sportswear and tailoring, it was fantastic. While it may not be suitable for an office or gym, this organization is perfect for walking the streets or attending brunches with friends. Therefore, do not be afraid to try for yourself.


Tinted Taran:

The Leopard Spring / Summer ’19 show was not the only popular print for the season. Tartan is also available on the streets of New York, London, Paris and Milan. In true Fashion Week style, traditional prints were not worn. This was seen in all areas. Want to try the look for yourself? Pick up a tartan suit, jacket or pair of pants that features the classic pattern in unique and bold colors like red, blue, green and yellow.

Tinted Taran

Primary Institute:

This season, street style stars take out their animal instincts with bold prints. Loud leopard print was a favorite among all fashionista and appeared in a variety of costumes, including pants, coats, dresses, suits, and more. To follow the lead of these women and want to wear the inner jungle cat, choose strong designs with bold and bright colors. Alternatively, try an all-over leopard print look with matching separates or a dress/jumpsuit. If you are feeling fickle then you can also add a leopard print bag or shoes.

Boiler Suits:

These designs appeared in all major fashion cities over the months. One particular style stood out from the pack. Originally designed as piece protective garment for manual labor, boiler suits are now as fashionable as they were some years ago. To rock the look for yourself, simply choose the cut and color that suits you best. These long-sleeved jumpsuits are available in a variety of luxurious styles. Therefore, you will not fall short of options.

Boiler suits

Shoe Store:

Proven once and for all trends, the show season saw stunning lashings of fabric. While this meant bold ruffles, it resulted in a statement puff shoulder on both dress and blouse. Also striking and stylish, these puff sleeves added a fun 80s look to modern outfits. If you look and see yourself after a powerful and fashionable day style.

Shoe store

Lavender Tone:

Ultra Violet may be the Color of the Year for 2018, but the street style stars are quite the pick this season. By mixing a variety of colors from the lavender family, fashionistas proved that light violet is seriously stylish. Whether worn as a shoe, dress, coat or even from head to toe, the flattering and feminine color added a beautiful touch. If you are interested in something exciting, try it for yourself.

Lavender tone

Beet Flavor:

The bucket hats are back well and truly. Yes, the iconic 90s accessory is a must-have item for 18/19 and if you are not already on your own then it should undoubtedly be on your shopping list. These casual and cool hats are perfect for the weekend, providing both sun protection and style. Whether plain, patterned or featuring a logo, these hats add an on-trend edge to any outfit. Wear them with dresses, suits, overalls, and more.

beet flavor


Patchwork is no longer just a craft that your grandmother loves. It’s also one of fashion’s latest trends. Spotted on the streets outside fashion shows from Paris to New York, patchwork appeared on dresses, jumpsuits, pants and more. As colorful as it is, the look sews together contrasting pieces of fabric to achieve an eye-catching design. To rock the look yourself, allow your patchwork piece to be the focus of your outfit by teaming it with simple, block-colored garments and accessories

In short, if you are interested to embrace yourself let’s shop.

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