Basically, women are the one who starts the nation and family, According to united nation reports that there are 50% of women are considered in the human resources which they manage. Women are the key to creating and organizing the quality of life, there are so many roles which play a woman in the family, but first, we have to understand the stages of women’s life and girls’ life stages are generally divided into early life, hormonal changes, reproductive age, climacteric period, and elderly ages, in addition to labor and childbirth, which also are typically included in the events in life specific to women. And these all stages are very painful for women and girls and every moment in the life of women is going through difficulties and pain. Then coming to that point which justifies the roles of one woman

Firstly, if we see that the woman getting married and playing a role As a wife, she is the man’s helpmate, partner, and comrade. She discontinues her enjoyments and desires, determines the sense of morality, frees stress and pressure, helps to relieve her husband’s stress, and continues to maintain peace and stability in the home. And she is there for her man in every circumstance in life.

Secondly, As a leader of the house, An orderly and disciplined home is essential to normal family life. The woman of the family assumes this role. She is the CEO of a company which she made by herself Called ‘House’. She assigns tasks to family members based on their interests and abilities and provides resources in the form of equipment and materials to get the job done. As a manager, The woman acts as a modest administrator of the family income. It is her responsibility to get the most out of every spend. She always prefers to set a surplus budget rather than a deficit budget. She calculates a lot of profit and loss while she spends money. She prudently distributes income among various minds, such as necessities, comfort, and luxury. The woman in the family also contributes to the family income through her income inside or outside the home. She contributes positively to the family income through her work. She appears in the home herself and uses waste products for productive purposes.

As a mother, she holds the burden of a child around 9 months throughout this period she takes the pain and the biggest part is to take care of children until They are responsible for looking after themselves. She is responsible for their child’s behavior, education, and many other things and being well arranged or organized in their family. These all parts are carried out by one woman in the family. As a mother, she is trying to be a health officer she is associated with the physical and mental health of her family and devotes her whole life to maintaining discipline, love, and honesty for her family. This above all roles which played by one woman but even then women are always inferior and men are always superior, various countries they never give respect to women and girls they think that women are not worthy of respect especially in these countries or states like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and many other countries or states. And during all of this they always violence and abuse against women.

Did you know? That at least one out of every three women (35%) will be subjected to some form of abuse throughout their lifetime? Violence against women and girls is very hidden to stay where you cannot be found easily crisis in the whole nation this is the problem which everyone wants to hide it. marginalized women especially the poor and illiterate are most likely to experience it. Especially in our country, Pakistan Violence against women and girls—including rape, murder, acid attacks, domestic violence, and forced marriage all is a serious problem in Pakistan. Human rights defenders calculate that approximately 1000 women are killed every year by domestic violence, rape, and harassment, etc. statistically data gathered from the domestic violence helplines all around Pakistan. Many people thoughts that this behavior for women and girls is appropriate and normal many people support them to do this inappropriate behavior with their women and girls. This all thing a very huge effect on women and which have no boundaries of culture or any other thing. Domestic violence against women happens throughout all socioeconomic classes, and although poor women are much more likely to become victims. More research is needed to fully comprehend the relationships between poverty and domestic violence against women. Domestic abuse victims seem to be five times as likely to also be females than males. Violence against women “remains one of the most pervasive forms of human rights violations worldwide,” according to the UN. Violence against women can happen in both the formal and informal aspects of life and at any age. Violence against women most often prevents women from fully contributing to their own community members’ socioeconomic, economic, and political aspects.

What’s the reason that happens too much? Do you have any idea? I have an answer that the lack of education and supports of those people who never want that women raise their voices and up for it in any social works. We can transform the hazardous belief systems which are at the root of this problem. What has been learned can be undone? It is time for everyone, women, men, girls, boys, and key prominent people, to put an end to violence against women and girls. And Everyone should speak up in support of women and girls.

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