Forests, such as bait or hunting grounds, are unique to this task – why not hunt a deer for a duck? Hunters should have stalls designed and built according to their specific needs.

One of the most important problems when buying a wooden plinth is the landscape. It is important to understand how far you need to get in and out of your cabin and how often you expect the location to change.

Understanding the largest wood species in your hunting area also plays an important role in finding the right wood base for you. Some properties of the tree, such as trunk size, should be affected by the flatness and height at which the trunks begin to fall.

Finally, it is important to consider transporting your stand to and from the hunting ground. Portability and placement/damage time vary widely by gem type and have a significant impact on hunting.

Climbing On Trees

Playgrounds are associated with mobility. This type of support allows the hunter to travel anywhere, find a suitable tree and walk, using the support as a climbing mechanism to start hunting almost immediately.

The climb function is activated with a two-part seat and a platform. Once the platform and seat are tied around the tree, simply lift the top, place the weight on it and lift your legs up to your feet, then lock the bottom platform with the weight rod and repeat the process – the fare basically “you on top of the tree”.

While climbers are known for their portability to other types of media, before purchasing a landscape, consider the landscape you will be looking for. If you are standing on a climbing tree, the vertical from the bottom of the trunk to the desired height should be in constant contact with the tree. It is extremely important that the trees in your hunting area do not have a great depth. Branches protruding from the trunk between tree trunks and hunting heights prevent the target from climbing. If there are cotton trees or giant oaks in your hunting area, you will not be able to wrap the climbing line or leash around the tree and prevent the climber from using it.

But if your terrain allows climbers, they are definitely the fastest and easiest way to hunt a tree.

The trees are waiting

Hanging wooden bases, also known as keys, are popular for their versatility. While other types of wooden stands may be limited by the size or shape of the tree, a wooden hanging base works well with almost any type of wood.

In addition to being versatile, locks are generally quieter than other types of racks, which is essential when animals are very close.

Closure styles are also popular because they are lightweight. Most models weigh less than 20 pounds, making them easy to transport to and from the hunting ground. If a relocation is required for your hunting, stopping may be the best option for your hunting style.

It is best to provide a ladder or lower suspension without the additional ladder weight.

Since the buttons do not have a built-in climbing function such as a ladder or climbing ropes, climbing equipment is required to climb from the ground. Stairs or risers are relatively easy to install, quiet and portable when packing. Some public hunting places restrict the use of the vise, so use ropes or climbing sticks.

Weight Supports

For fighters who value comfort and stability more and don’t pay attention to weight, the ladder is just a ticket. Non-climbing stairs and shelves have some advantages. As the name suggests, the ladder is integrated into the ladder and is available with three or four legs for easy transport. So you can easily climb your favorite tree without lifting the trunk, branches and small twigs.

This is especially important for hunters looking for the most practical and safest wooden tripod. For those suffering from vertigo (fear of heights), many stairs have large platforms for added strength and comfort, making time spent in the stands more enjoyable. On larger platform models, you can usually add a cushioned sofa and even a long skirt or parasol to make your time more comfortable.

The main drawback of the ladder is the lack of portability. Since most of the ladders are made of steel and weigh an average of 45 pounds, they are intended for hunters who are able to get up and walk for the rest of the hunting season. While scales are certainly not very suitable for hunters who want to change their mind quickly or frequently, they are the most convenient way to stick to the mindset that helped you stick to the last three signs.

If you want to be high above the forest floor, it is important to note that most stairs cannot be installed higher than 6 feet. Even at this height, an additional rung and support beam must be installed between the pit and the ladder to ensure safety and stability. While it is not intended for fighters who want to commute often, it is valued for durability, safety and comfort and is a great choice as a replacement support for staying on their honeymoon all season.


Hunters wandering southwest among deciduous trees or hunting the Midwestern prairie find it painful to place a wooden pedestal on a cactus and ineffective on a garden post. Towers, bases or platforms are specially designed for these situations. Most of the time, the base of the tower stands on three or four feet and has a platform, some of which have a closet to keep you safe from the elements and a caring man’s eyes.

Tripod tripods with padded seat or platform that typically rotate 360 ​​degrees for unlimited field of view. Because they are larger and more visible than other types of stumps, it is important to place them near a large shrub or rock to make them more visible for play. If you leave them, leave them forever and the animals will get used to it like any other structure.

First Safety

Each Summit roof rack comes with a safety belt as standard.

Summit believes that the most important equipment you can take into the woods is a TMA certified safety harness. For this reason, Summit contributed much of its engineering knowledge to the development of Summit comfort technology when we designed wooden shelves.

Seat belts and upper accessories are designed to protect against falls without restricting freedom of movement. Each comfortable and functional hunting belt has a linen climbing harness, adjustable design and leg straps that will not cause groin injury in case of a fall. Our harness has all the features you need for safe hunting and fall protection.

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