Our world is full of beautiful and attractive yet affordable, budget-friendly destinations one hopes to visit and enjoy there in our lives. I think no destination is ever ‘too expensive’. Certain tips and tricks will certainly help you find budget-friendly places around the world.

Today lets discuss five among all the other destinations internationally you would certainly like to travel to while giving the most value for your money.


Fiji, officially the Republic of Fiji, is one of the best budget destinations in the region and not to be missed. It is an island country in Melanesia, part of Oceanic in the South Pacific Ocean about 1,1oo nautical miles northeast of New Zealand.

Most people imagine Pacific Island destinations as expensive, filled with high priced resorts, foods, and services.

But this isn’t the case. You can easily manage to enjoy pristine beaches, tasty seafood, world-class diving, and friendly locals at low rates. There are also a lot of flight deals to the country, especially in the popular Yasawa Islands.

If you are looking for a paradise on a budget, then Fuji falls into the category.

Central America:

Think of smaller countries in Central America like EI Salvador, Honduras, Nicarague, and Guatemala. They are safe, beautiful, affordable, and filled with history.

The rainforests here are green, filled with unexplored Mayan ruins and wildlife, great beaches, volcanoes, cheap accommodation, food and transport, beautiful locations, and what not…Surely, making it a budget traveler’s dream.


It is one of the cheapest destinations in Asia and has attracted a lot of tourists from all around the world.

The country is filled with micro-cultures, languages, cuisines, a strong background, and history, along with beautiful rivers, mountains, plains, and valleys in the west and southern parts of the country.

Cheap accommodation, shopping, and transport not only has attracted tourists but businesses too. Many people shop for locally manufactured goods and sell in their country. Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, The Great Wall of China, and Xian are some of the places to visit in China.


India has always been a cheap country and you get nearly 50 percent more money when you exchange dollars for the Indian currency. This means more money to travel with.

The country has a rich cultural history, top-class local and street food and tea, friendly and helpful locals, affordable accommodation, and cheap fares. It’s a gigantic place and can be explored in one large trip or a few smaller chunks. Either way, don’t miss to visit India.


Thailand is the most visited country in Southeast Asia. A lot of travelers especially those seeking beautiful places to visit keeping in mind affordability too would never leave it out.

I a traveler who loves to visit different places would suggest you visit Thailand as it offers you not only cheap guesthouses or affordable hotels but quality food, local buses, and other attractions including islands, beaches, local street shopping, lush green jungles, etc.

A savvy traveler knows how to maximize money no matter wherever they travel around the world. If they are traveling to places already affordable then they need not worry about how to cut costs. So visit one of these spots and save.


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