Self assurance basically known as “Self Confidence “. Everyone applaud a self-confident person. It’s a trust that you judge your own abilities, and you value yourself and feel notable. You may even spite others a little. Above all, you inspire confidence in others.

 What excuses do you have to stop self-assurance?

Is that your excuse that you are not pretty enough? Do you keep thinking that your future is hopeless? Surrounded by the shitty people, , listen to their negative chatter and gossips about you? Feels so unhappy and do things to keep you low spirited? Not accepting yourself keep praising others?

Well, this is not the way to keep yourself! This is not the way to be happy. This is not how to will build your career.

Start loving yourself first:

Be happy and accept the way you are. Try to be happy in the little things which you have. Learn to live your life according to yourself. Learn to love, respect and appreciate yourself.

Self-assurance is the main factor to built your importance for others or in your circle. People may degrade you about your figure, colour, height and many more other things which might take you in the complex.

    This is your responsibility to put yourself up and never ever let others to ditch you out. Make your importance. If you really wanna do something in this cruelty world start believing in yourself.

  • Try to be social.

  • Start accepting compliments. Do things in which you are good.

  • Do things that you enjoy. Don’t put things off.

  • Be a kind person plus you should know what you deserve.

  • Go outside freely wearing trendy clothes of your choices, wear all colours pick your favourite one.

Keep it in mind that self-assurance is not facile. That’s the main thing which plays a vital role in your daily life. It’s just a self-awareness which makes you confident.

Could I say I was confident?

No,I wasn’t. Look everyone has a failure in their life but we all hide from each of us. But the truth is  I was so self-conscious and not even to speak with others nicely cause I was having to lack of self-confidence that I was not even able to talk to others. I was creative but I kept my self-assurance with myself which was spoiling my whole career. But that’s was not ok! I have plans, I also have dreams, aims I also wanna go high, I also wanna succeed, make my parents proud.

How I gain Self Confidence:

I start realising that this is not what I am! Later I start making decisions that I will never give up for others and will never listen to them. I will believe myself and will make my own personality. I start listening to motivational speakers, I read books, I start talking to myself in a mirror that how I will face the world. ( which really helped me!).

After working on this I gave full attention to myself. Improve my mental health, making myself happier day by day and keeping myself in a comfort zone.

  Gaining self-assurance is not voluntary. It’s mandatory.

I start realising that my relationships were improving. People were so attractive to me. The best things which were really great is that I start getting my desired jobs and promotions, which really makes me so excited and that was the time that I believed that how much self-confidence is essential in our life. Its helps me. To fulfil my aims that I dreamed for. Having self-confidence helps me to make good decisions for myself. I can manage your work wisely. I can go wherever I want, I can wear any colour and any dress either which makes me look good or not,but I will cause I am willing for. Over Confidence is even worst then having less of confidence. Be normal, keep minding your own business and teach others gently.


 “If you do not know where you come from, then you don’t know where you are, and if you don’t know where you are, then you don’t know where you’re going. And if you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably going wrong”.

                                                                         Terry Pratchett.

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