Digital media is a force that has been governing our lives ever since the invention of the Internet in 1990. Information handling and manipulating advancements have allowed us to use digital means to expand our media sphere of influence. This has spawned several different companies and businesses that are dealing with this form of media transmission and has shattered the previous barriers of media limitations. Since nowadays all the information that we receive is from digital means which is a testament to its divine influence on our lives.

As with everything, this immense advancement has also created some positive attributes and negative attributes. Although this can range from babies to adults. We shall be discussing this according to the children’s range. The time and age that we live in show us the necessity of electronic devices (Mobile phones, Laptops, Computers, etc.) and it is no surprise that one of the biggest endorsers of these devices is children. The human mind undergoes almost 90% of its development in the first 5 years of a person’s life and it is important that this development is done properly, early exposure to certain wrong deeds can have a highly negative impact on the later stages of a person’s life. This makes it even more important to keep a close eye on development at the starting of one’s life. Digital media has acquired so much variation over the years that there are at least 100 or so applications just for keeping notes. This although it seems beneficial for people to get a varied perspective on one use it also gives more maneuverability to applications of the more ‘harmful’ nature. Children can be exposed to such applications which is a very worrying prospect. It has been noted that such applications can awaken murderous tendencies, depression, stress and cognitive impairments among other problems. The age of digital media is a time to be

celebrated such is the degree of advancement we humans have achieved but unfortunately has not stopped some individuals to take advantage and promote immoral acts among the general public. Children are especially vulnerable to these scams as it is estimated that up to 97% of children in the world in the year 2015 had access to an electronic device. Even when we diverge away from applications we are still faced with media on televisions (T.V). T.V is an extremely powerful tool that after its invention by John Logie Baird in 1926 has risen tremendously in ranks to become the sole provider of entertainment, news, sports, etc. Children all over the world watch T.V and are well acquainted with it. It is unfortunately not possible to keep a close eye on them all day (Unless you plan on installing a 24-hour surveillance system to track their every move). This might cause them to end up watching channels that they are not supposed to and that is a nightmare in all situations.

Even though this age is filled with hazards, it is still the most advanced time in our history. Hence, it contains many inventions that have changed our lives in such drastic ways that is possible to forget one thing the next day. Digital means have made handling, gathering, manipulating and spreading information a breeze and has given us a lot of breathing space to deal with other matters. Children now are able to learn several different cognitive abilities just by looking at a screen and it is fortunate for parents that the current generation (Boomers) are experiencing the most tech-savvy age of human history. Another matter of great concern in today’s world is the advent of video-games and their so-called ‘disastrous’ effects of young children. While it is true that some games promote disturbing content, it cannot be stated that this entire industry is wrong. It is been noted that video games have been a leading way of learning among children. But this still does not provide a good enough excuse to leave them unchecked and it is important to keep a watchful eye on children’s activities. Digital media may look all rosy to most parents do it is important to share information related to certain bad influences in the community of digital media.

In conclusion, we can say that digital media is an extremely powerful tool to spread information but it is still not entirely foolproof. Children in their early stages are especially prone to over-usage and the wrong usage both so it is a must for parents to keep a watchful eye on their activities. Digital media plays a very big role in the mental development of young children and can give them an added advantage in their future lives but can also prove to be detrimental in large amounts. Hence, we can conclude that maintaining balance is the key to do everything including the influence of digital media on our lives, from start to finish.

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