Choosing a career means choosing the way we lead our lives,” indeed it has to be done thoughtfully and carefully. You can save yourself from falling into the well of disappointment while job seeking if you choose the right career. Why is it so? It’s simple: if you chose a career with no future longevity, then you might see a point when you see little to no demand for the field you opted for! You see, bad decisions lead you to a sinking ship, where you will see your professional future drowning. 

Eye-opening? That is why it is vital to find a growing career rather than contracting. So, which is the best field in America to seek your career in? This question can be challenging to answer. You need to consider multiple factors, such as demand, pay rate, and your particular interest and capabilities to excel in the select field. This can sound insurmountable but actually isn’t. 

Let’s have a gander at ten of the best booming career fields with a lucrative future over the next ten years:

1.Software Developer

The second name for the technology sector is kickass job growing market. The blazingly fast-growing technology sector is the top field in terms of expected career growth over the next decade. 

Unsurprisingly, software engineers or developers would top the list! But, soon, software engineering is going to be more than just knowing “how to code.” Machine learning is all set to replace the grunt job of entry-level programmers. Software specialists will have to add machine learning to their attributes to stay relevant to the evolving technology. 

Skills or Qualification Required

A sought-after software engineer will have high-level abilities such as data structuring and knowledge of A.I. These developers will need to spend more time in integration with other services and less on specific program coding. Self-learner programmers will likely get the more significant chunk of the workforce. 

Average Salary:

It is a moderately well-paid career; the average entry-level software developer makes $56,000-$72,000 yearly. 

Future Scope:

The demand for skillful and qualified software engineers or developers has no end. The U.S. News & World Report listed software specialists as the best job in the U.S., which is going to stay as long as the technology remains (forever). 

2. Career in Nursing

The field of medicines is ripe with spurring growth potential. As everybody must know, nurses are highly in demand. And Nurse practitioners can handle many of the same functions as medical doctors, such as the prescription of medicines and treatment of illnesses. 

Skills or Qualification Required:

Being a nurse practitioner requires you to hold a master’s degree in nursing and certification. 

Average Salary:

The average pay-out of a nurse is $85,200 per year.

Future Scope: 

The demand is seen to increase by 23%. With a greying population, the need for healthcare staff is anticipated to double over the next decade. 

3. Physician Assistants or P.A.

Physician assistants have reached number 2 in the top best job in America. They prescribe medicines, conduct physical exams, and treat illnesses. The work type depends mainly on their specialty or the kind of medical practice where they are employed. For instance, a physician assistant working with a surgical team may close incisions and provide care during the operation along with pre and post-care. A physician assistant, working in pediatrics, may check a child and give prescribed vaccinations. 

Skills or Qualification Required:

Physician assistants usually require a master’s degree from a certified educational institution. All states demand licensed physician assistants.

Average Salary:

An average physician assistant makes $92,000 per year.

Future Scope:

 The career growth of Physician assistants is expected to increase by a remarkable 39%. 

4. Accountants

If you think you’re good with numbers, you can find yourself a rewarding career in the financial services industry. An accountant’s job is to keep or inspect financial records. These are number- people who excel at organization and detail-centric work. It ranks on number 7th in  Best Business Jobs

Skills 0r Qualification Required:

You can earn a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from any reputable school or take Certified Public Accountant exams. 

Average Salary:

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) earn an average of $74,200, and 10-year job growth is seen to be by 18%. 

Future Scope:

As more and more businesses are abolishing pension plans, workers will likely need help with their retirement planning. Career advancement for financial advisors is expected to spur by 41% over the next decade. These individuals make an average of $101,000 annually. 

5. Professor

Teaching is the profession that is going to stay, and its demand is only increasing. With students returning to college, the need for a college professor is increased. College professors have great flexibility in their work schedules; they can themselves do a variety of other tasks too. 

College Professors instruct learners in different areas at the post-secondary level. They can write scholarly articles, conduct research, and teach. Many of the professors find their job rewarding since they’re typically interested in the course of study they have opted for. 

Skills or Qualification Required:

In order to pursue a career in the teaching field, you need to earn a master’s degree or doctoral degree with some relevant experience. 

Average Salary:

The average pay of a professor is $70,400, and the 10-year growth rate is seen to be by 23%, more or less the same elsewhere. 

Future Scope:

This challenging but rewarding career of teaching is going to stay for as long as students will keep enrolling in the institutions and needing a human instructor. 

6. Environment Health Specialist

Service jobs are nevertheless the lifeblood of the U.S. economy, accounting for over 70% of all posts. Environmental health and safety specialists are anticipated to be big heirs of this trend with 10-year job advancement projected at 28%. 

Skills & Qualification Required:

Environmental health and safety specialists require a bachelor’s degree in the field of occupational health and safety or a relevant scientific field. 

Average Salary:

The average pay is $71,000 per year.

Future Scope:

Since businesses are seeing positive results in their bottom-line of hiring occupational safety, health, and environment professionals, the career is marked to be a growing one.

7.  Sales Job

Sales are incredibly crucial to any business since it plays a pivotal role in the success of the company. Be it software companies or financial service providing firms, sales executives are required to motivate staff and help bridge the gap of customer needs and the company’s product/services. They have to be exceptional at customer relations and order employees in the best spot to close profitable deals.

Skills & Qualification Required:

A bachelor’s degree in business with majors in sales and marketing is required to pursue a career in sales. As for soft skills, sales professionals need to master exceptional communication skills and convincing power. 

Average Salary:

Sales may look like a high stress, high-pressure job, but it pays very well. Sales directors make an average yearly salary of $142,000, and senior sales managers are not far behind with an average pay of $127,000 annually.

8. Healthcare Consultants

Businesses are on the lookout for techniques to save money on worker costs, and outsourcing projects is what comes in handy at this point. This is why consultants are expected to be in amazingly high demand. Businesses don’t have to give benefits or pay healthcare damages for consultants.

Skills or Qualification Required:

If you want to pursue a career in healthcare consultancy, you need to get a master’s degree in healthcare administration or related field. 

Average Salary: 

On average Healthcare Consultant makes $77,361 each year.

Future Scope:

The consulting business is expected to observe double-digit growth over the next decade. Healthcare and management consultants will have job growth by a 24% rate, making this one of the most profitable industries for job hunters to land into.

10. Civil, Structural, Project, Environmental & Biomedical Engineer

The dearth of math and science majors in universities is what results in a lack of quality engineers. The project, civil, structural, and environmental engineers will experience job growth ranging from 24% to 31% over the next decade. Biomedical engineers will have a job growth rate of 72%. The work is low stress, and job fulfillment is amazingly high.

Skills & Qualification Required:

A bachelor’s degree in the field of engineering is required to become an engineer of your chosen majors. 

Average salary:

The minimum pay is expected to be $76,000, with some engineers quickly making more than six figures annually

Final Words

Business and technology never stop evolving quickly, and new jobs and career opportunities come and go just as fast. Due to this, it is crucial to select a profession that will stay high in demand for the upcoming future and polish your skills over time. 

What is your take on the best jobs to have over the next ten years? Are you pursuing or presently working in any of these professions?

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