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Usually, when we hear the word business, a certain envisage takes shape in our minds. As human beings driven by our survival instincts, who weigh our actions in profit and loss, we tend to overlook the consequences that may result from the measures we take. Whereas on the other hand, we take pride in our achievements. The World’s economy continues to reach a new high each passing second due to the increasing competitiveness of many businesses. But if we were to inspect the harm caused amidst the making of these businesses, the list would be endless. The main things caught in the crossfire by these different kinds of businesses are the loss of species and natural gases. The environment continues to get struck with direct and adverse effects, and society continues to turn a blind eye. We need to realize that living in a natural environment is more important than printing bills. When going about a business venture, people should be wary of the effects and damages it may cause to their surroundings, and stress on being as eco-friendly as possible.

Here I am going to talk about a few main issues that are tampering with our environment and damaging us mentally and physically.

Bring Profit without a Curse

If you’re a businessman in charge of your company, surely you need to make a profit to stay in the market but do bear in mind, GENERATING HEAVY PROFITS IS NOT ALL THAT THERE IS TO IT. Think twice before proceeding. Firstly, bide your time and choose a suitable place to start a business. If there is even the slightest chance that your work may tamper with the surroundings negatively, work on measures to avoid it, and keep the damage to a minimum. For example: if your business is located around a residential area, make sure to create measures that would drown out the usual loud sounds of heavy machinery. Also, it doesn’t release a lot of smoke in the air that would cause potential harm to both the environment and the inhabitants.

Respect Is a Key towards Success

Indeed, it is blissful to earn enough to enjoy a life fraught with luxury. However, don’t be fooled, since this happiness doesn’t last long. By no means does it mean that you don’t need money in your pockets to attain contentment. But, earning money in such a way that nobody likes or appreciates you is a waste. You need to help the ones around you to feel the real happiness inside you. Look around and ask your employees, offer them guidance, and take on a friendlier approach when dealing with them. If you give your employees respect and make them feel important for their contributions (because they are important), they will repay you by working with renowned vigor, since a little appreciation goes a long way.

Services You Provide to Your Customers

Managing a healthy exchange with your customers may sound trivial to some, but it holds enough value to move mountains. Making money without treating your client right is an act worth looking down upon. Make sure that you are fulfilling the demands of your clients, and treat them the way you would treat your very first one, by providing them with the best quality product you could muster up. Supervise your employees and make sure they are not disrespecting your customers. They have other places to spend their money, so try to satisfy your customer and give them respect to gain their loyalty and trust.

Get New Ideas to Enhance Your Business

Making money is just like something that you are printing money on a piece of paper. Whereas earning money is something that you do for someone to feel gratification, and you get paid for it too! Always welcome your partner or employee to give you new ideas for improving your services and product. New ideas will help your business to grow and prosper, and it will also earn you a new perspective and outlook. Appreciate your employees for providing you with the best deals and ask them to help you in its working. Sometimes, a change in our perspective is all we need to expand our horizons, never shy away from trying different things and experimenting as you move forward.

Making And Earning Money is Different

 Some businessmen are used to working day and night to earn their keep. They take on a more authoritative approach and shun the thought of listening to what their employees have in their minds about the products or services. All they want is money. They work their employees to the bone and shroud themselves in their superiority complex and renders anyone who questions their ways redundant. Making money in this way is too pathetic. We need to mend our ways and become a better version of ourselves before we take on the responsibility that comes with managing businesses.

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