The vision AVTR concept-car by Mercedes-Benz is the futuristic ‘bionic’ machine that made an appearance at CES 2020, Las Vegas. The discreet scales at the rear end of the car allows people to communicate with it from the outside. The spherical wheels represent the ‘seeds of the tree of souls’ inspired by the movie ‘Avatar. Further, it can move diagonally and sideways through the rotating wheels.
Ola Kallenius, the chairman of Daimler- a parent company of Mercedes-Benz, commented on stage that AVTR is an example that can ‘literally merge’ man and machine together while Cameron Kallenius agreed too.
The panoramic display of the car can light up with Pandora’s 3D graphics. All of this and more will allow passengers to have an ultimate Avatar experience and develop an emotional connection with the car. The children and parents will also enjoy their ride as it features a child-friendly augmented reality experience.
Mercedes-Benz called it Vision AVTR explaining, that it will focus on sustainability and mobility both. The car doesn’t include a steering wheel, and it would lead through a biometric connection with the human. According to Cameron, the center car-console would recognize the heartbeat of man and the vibration of their breath.
This new bionic car’s starting price is said to be $67,900. The company describes the Vision AVTR as a self-driving car without a steering wheel. The AVTR stands for Advanced Vehicle Transformation, which is a mix of all cutting-edge technologies assembled to create a ‘biometric’ connection between a man and a machine.

The Exterior

Powered by graphene, the car would include a reality-based technology with an organic battery. Graphene is the strongest and thinnest material that can produce organic battery cells.
The all-electric concept car would cover 435 miles and a 110-kilowatt electric motor that can produce up to 469 hp. Surprisingly, the supercar integrates 33 scales resembling the characters of the movie along with the bionic flaps at the back.

The Interior
The inside of the Avatar movie-themed car would cover recycled materials and vegan ‘Dinamica’ leather. This leather originates from recycled items like clothing, PET plastic bottles, and flags which offers slip-resistance and maximum comfort. The interior of the car would provide an immersive experience to the passengers including, real-time 3D graphics and intuitive control.

The Experience
Humans can interact with the car by placing their hands on the center console. With a touch of sensation, the whole interior would come to life and adjust itself depending on the mood of the driver. Not only the car recognizes the heartbeat and breath of the driver, but it also responds to them effectively.
Mercedes-Benz futuristic AVTR is anything but ordinary. This movie-inspired car strikes your imagination beautifully and indicates that a biometric reality is possible even in the form of a machine.
Let’s see how this car performs in the real world in the future. For now, the vision AVTR tells you that you can turn your imagination into reality. The future of Tech is here.

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