You know, With great power comes great responsibility that leads to great technology. The future has infinite exciting opportunities for people who know its real value. Russian Designer, Roman Dolzhenko, recognized the same kind of power and responsibility with the launch of his ‘Akira-Like Electric Superbike Concept’ by Mimic.

For the years, people have seen semi-viral TRON-inspired bikes, this time, it’s different. This curvy and sleek black superbike presents itself with clear lines and highlights eye-shaped headlights. Dolzhenko drew this concept first on a napkin before rendering it with 3DS Max. How ironic! Lucky for him, this spontaneous project has gained the attention of millions around the world.

There’s not much information about this futuristic concept yet but let’s uncover the bits and pieces about Mimic’s concept and design.

The Design

Mimic’s design is stylish and intriguing. The super-electric black-matte body design has fearless beauty along with handlebars and wheels. The concept bike encompasses a single-seat attached with a wheel. Overall, it includes a motor and a battery.

What’s more interesting is that this superbike concept covers LED casings from the front to the back seat. The Akira-inspired superbike gives an honest look into the future of technology- for a single-seat driver. It would be a sweet escape for the superbike lovers.

Further, there’s a digital panel engraved in the body. Unfortunately, the body has no front end though it’s still a concept. However, the Russian designer, Roman, has put all his efforts out to design an ultimate futuristic superbike that is similar to a Tron.

There’s no limit to imagination. When Tesla launched its first ‘Cybertruck’ concept, the design was still a hoax for the world. However, the detailing and design of the sound-proof truck shook the world.

Similarly, Mimic delves deeper into the future and tells us a story that bikers would love to see and have in the near future. This well-developed Akira like concept superbike has significant potential as the design is unique and extraordinary.

Since the launch of the Mimic photos, the superbike concept design has become popular all over social media. The bike looks photorealistic and light-weight. The sleek black body combined with LED headlights immediately shifts your attention to one of the anime classics, Akira.

Overall, Mimic’s concept is strikingly beautiful and would cater to white and chromium black designs. Moreover, the electric superbike concept would need further enhancements involving the fully triangular-shaped digital dashboard that shows speed and battery status at present.

Final Thoughts

In a recent interview, Dolzhenko showed excitement and told the interviewer that he couldn’t wait to see the whole concept turned into reality in the future. Practically speaking, the Akira-like concept motorcycle might be imaginative and aesthetically pleasing, it still needs to be evaluated- considering the front-wheel mechanisms on the line.

For now, let’s celebrate the launch of Mimic’s unique concept and congratulate Roman Dolzhenko for this incredible achievement. May the force of technology be with you!

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