Planning a trip to the Eastern European regions? Or looking for the best holiday spots in Eastern Europe? Know the best top places to visit in Eastern Europe from our guidebook on the most popular Eastern European destinations.

Eastern Europe is as beautiful as the rest of the European parts but is often overlooked by tourists. But the countries in Eastern Europe are a part of rich cultures and rooted traditions. Most of the Eastern European countries can be known as hidden gems of Europe. And these hidden gems have everything that you adore the rest of the European parts for.

Another great thing about Eastern Europe is that it is the hub of budget-friendly traveling locations across Europe. And if you are a budget-friendly traveler looking for cheap ways to travel Europe, then you must visit here.

Let’s know the top places to visit in Eastern Europe

Krakow, Poland

Well, it is a matter of continuous debate whether Poland is a part of Eastern Europe or not. But the sure thing is that Poland is a must-visit and worthy of booking direct flights to Poland from USA. Krakow is the main and the most popular city of Poland except the Polish capital Warsaw.

Krakow is an old Polish town with a slower pace of life and an old-school aesthetic. The town contains many historical attractions, including churches, town markets, and buildings. In fact, the town is the home to the biggest town square market across Europe, which is a popular attraction among tourists. Spend your time here visiting the restaurants and bars to enjoy the rich Polish cuisine. Along with the old-school vibes, the city is also a great attraction for its amazing nightlife.

Prague, Czech Republic

A prosperous and one of the most beautiful European traveling locations Prague is a popular traveling destination. The city has been gaining more popularity with each day and the reason behind it is its well-done Christmas markets. The city’s beautiful sceneries attract tens of thousands of tourists every year, especially in summer.

Here, summers are always filled with local and international tourists, but winters fall a little behind. Although Prague Christmas markets are among the oldest and most beautiful Christmas markets that Europe hosts. There are many things to see here in Prague, including its churches, museums, and art galleries. Thus, instead of taking a flight from USA to London this year, try to unravel the mystery of this hidden European wonder.

Budapest, Hungary

A recently became popular traveling destination across Europe, Budapest has its own unique charm. The city is simply a must-visit for everyone who hasn’t been here. Here, you can experience everything from relaxing and rejuvenating to adventurous opportunities. And the thermal baths of the city that are naturally heated are the best way to do it.

Budapest is a great destination to go into the depths of Jewish culture and traditions. There are many ancient parks in the city that are perfect for a day picnic or long night walks. Other things to explore here include food, architecture, traditions, rituals, and local languages.

Split, Croatia

The second-largest city of Croatia, Split, takes you into a world of classy charms. A perfect holiday destination for beach bugs, Split has many beaches all around the city. Here you can enjoy clear waters, pebbly beaches along with scenic beauty. But the place isn’t an attraction to beach bugs only as it entertains history buffs as well.

The city has a long history connected to the Roman emperor Diocletian, who built his palace here in 295 A.D. But despite the long and rich history, Split is a city that respects its youth equally at its traditions. The friendly locals of the city open the gates of bars for you and are never hesitant to share a drink.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you ever wanted to feel like a Disney prince or princess with a seaside fortress, then Dubrovnik is the place for you. Made up of huge and thick stone walls and standing on the foot of the seashores, there’s a beautiful fortress here. The best thing here is that you can dine at the Baroque Palace to enjoy this magical experience.

This location is also a prime attraction among Game of Thrones fans across the world. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, the city is home to glorious medieval history. This history reflects through the perfectly stored medical ramparts and its local cuisine. In winters, the warm water splashing through the sea is the best way to relax and enjoy leisure travels.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a popular traveling destination among historians and history buffs. A beautiful destination with postcard-worthy pictures, this location has everything you have been looking for. There is so much to adore in this beautiful city, including its rich history and unique architectural designs.

The city is also a perfect location for nature lovers, as it has vast green spaces spread across the city. Making it a perfect place to grab a fresh breath of air and enjoy sustainable tourism. Moreover, this city is a budget-friendly traveling location with a lot of free things to and places to visit here. On your visit here, spend time exploring and covering the city bridges, including Triple Bridge and Dragon Bridge.

Vilnius, Lithuania

The Lithuanian capital city, Vilnius is a hidden European gem that you must explore on your next holiday. A beautiful old town filled with old-school vibes, Vilnius likes to stay that way only. The town is perfect for a contemporary stay with a slower pace of life. Making it an ideal holiday spot for a couple that is unable to share much time in their everyday life.

Here you can share all of your time and undivided attention with your partner while leisure travels. Take romantic long walks down the cobblestone streets or spend hours in the town’s old parks. Moreover, the town is a great place for food and beverage lovers as it hosts a wide range of cafes and restaurants. These cafes are hidden in their charming alleys and are perfect to grab a bite while exploring the different corners of the city.

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