What Vitamin N (Nature) Does To Our Mental Wellbeing

The color green is believed to have a positive impact on one’s state of mind and overall health. Green is said to be associated with harmony, peace, and tranquility.

It is quite natural to join the dots, and see how and why green is known to have the aforementioned effects. 

Nature is full of green color.

Being outdoors, and among nature has a calming effect on one’s well-being. With the pandemic shifting the world to remote work and forcing us to stay indoors, stress and anxiety levels reached an all-time high. Not being able to meet other people, keeping socialization at bay presented us with new mental health challenges. Even going out to run an errand feels taxing; and keeping the SOPs intact makes the whole process even more arduous. 

In the darkest of times, nature has always come to our rescue.

Let Mother Nature heal you

When we’re out in nature, all your senses are alert and consumed in absorbing the environment around them. We as humans are exhilarated by the vast expanse of nature. It allows us to breathe freely, helps reduce the levels of cortisol– the stress-producing hormone. 

It frees us from our unhealthy social media consumption, where we’re busy comparing our lives with some random stranger out there, who we know nothing about.

Make sure when you’re out in nature, you let yourself be, and let the dose of Vitamin N hit you in the right spots.

Health Benefits

Being out in the open, near some greenery has helped cope with people with their anxiety and depression. People with ADHD and bipolar disorders have declared that being around nature has helped them deal with disorders.

Not only that, being able to breathe clean and fresh air clears your head, gives a fresh perspective, and is overall a great mood booster.

If you live in an urban city where you do not have many such spots, or you live in apartments and can’t afford to go on exotic vacations, you can always go to the nearest park and do some exercise, or maybe go for a run, this will work too. 

Grow your own nursery

Looking at plants, taking care of them, seeing them thrive also does wonders to your health. Keep them in a place where you can see them every day. Talk to them, they’re living beings, they listen. Seeing them turn from babies to big mature plants will surely satisfy you, and make you feel different.

A word of caution: while you’re at it, please leave your electronic devices home. They can do without you. This is your moment to cherish, to feel alive, and be better. Enjoy it to the fullest. It is going to keep you charged for the day.

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