“Addiction is an adaptation, it’s not you-it’s the cage you live in.”


A few days ago, there is a boy in my neighbor who named Zamin who was just 14 years old and a student of class 8, found dead in his room in the morning at 6 am. After some time I come to know that he was addicted to heroin, I was shocked that just a 14-year-old boy has an addiction to these kinds of things which is such a type of slow poison. His parents told us that they asked his friends about this and his friends confessed that a male teacher in his school like him very much and for sexual harassment he made Zamin become habitual of this drug. When the teacher does not provide him with these drugs he buys it from outside.

  • How can just a 14-year-old boy buy this poison from outside if his pocket money is only based on under 20 rupees? Does he become a thief?

Because it is available at any kind of price seller’s purpose is only to make addiction in person and sell his product in any condition.

  • How these things are selling easily?

Because the government or police are not taking any action against drugs sellers, every department is sinking in corruption. By giving some money to the police we can do any illegal work in the area.

  • Who is selling openly?

They are also those people who are demotivated by society who have nothing money nor a job. Those are completely poor and going more in poverty they have nothing to do just illegal work!

  • Why educational institutes are not safe today? How can they become an area where a student can easily addicted to any bad or worst thing?

Because higher departments are not taking an eye on his teachers, workers, students, and others infect I can say that any respectable person can also be addicting, for example, hookah or shisha type’s drugs are most common in any family.

  • Why did this boy die? Why his parents did not take him to the recovery process?

Because of society’s thoughts that society never accepts a drug addict or a thief or a murderer even if he/she wants to come up with new life or he/she wants to leave this bad thing or bad work. And also parents think that if they take their child to a recovery center so people will question their reputation and so on.

Despite the fact there is a ban on the use of drugs, everyone knows that it is available freely. Gutka, cocaine, crystal meth, Manipuri, drug-laced candy, and many other types of drugs can imagine is available. Sadly, that there is no safety in Pakistan in this case. Some time ago we heard that aged people are abused in drugs but now day by day it spreading not only in aged people but also in teen and young’s. Many peoples die every day due to drug abuse, children, and students take suicide because of the unavailability of drugs. The world drug report 2000 cited Pakistan as “one of the countries which are highly affected by drug abuse in the world” and now it is spreading also in educational institutes. Infect shisha smoking and hookah are easily available at shopping malls and family places even at children parks.


Government should take action against those who are involved in the production of drugs and control the drugs trade. They should cancel the license of those people who are spoiling coming generations and making our country weak because this can destroy the future of students and the country as well.

Also, awareness campaigns should highlight treatment methods and recovery possibilities.


Apart from this parents should also keep their bond strong with their child so they can talk about everything with them and can keep their eye on them before any worst accident happen.

“Quitting smoking is easy. I have done it a hundred times.



Wriiten by:Sumiya Batool

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