Today, technology has advanced to a level where even the youths are able to use electronic devices with ease. Even kids from age one to five are able to initiate a smartphone with successful efforts! However, there are still consequences, positive and negative.

Positive effects

Taking positive effects into consideration, technology helps youth in order to develop their minds; from a television to a smartphone. Children are getting exhilarated with what technology has to offer them to prepare for their future. Youngsters are able to do multi-tasking as they can listen, type and look on the computer screen simultaneously. It even helps adolescents to make decisions and solve problems while playing games on tablets. Scientific research was conducted on approximately nine thousand students in different schools. The result showed that the IQ scores of the current generation are higher than the previous generation

Negative effects

As good as technology sounds, it still has its downsides. Children possess a lack of social interaction when facing a peering face to face. They would not have the confidence to converse with others, feeling immensely withdrawn and isolated. This automatically leads those children into depression and victims of bullying. An additional concern is that children are paying less attention to family members, hence expanding in parent-child conflict. It is revealed that 72% of children, having devices are getting a lack sleep. This deprives our brain of its essential needs, resulting in youth struggling with activities during the day.

Furthermore, the overuse of mobile devices decreases children’s participation in physical activities. As children spend most of their time, sitting in front of computer screens, instead of burning off calories by playing outside or running, these habits can lead to a significant weight gain. Considering all this, would you even give your child an electronic gadget? At least not until they are at the age to understand them properly.


Parents must take precautions. The first thing they do is to ensure that their new offspring must avoid using technological screens under the age of two. They must balance their offspring’s routine and spend enough quality face-to-face time. Adults must take it upon them to monitor the child while using electronic gadgets; otherwise, they might go to a dangerous website that may cause harm.

What do you think?

Having all said that, would you give your child a smartphone? Or would you spend time with them so that they can enjoy the company of their parents instead of feeling lonely? What other precautions can we take if things are out of hand? It is never too late to help your child out with these matters.

By Nafeesa Nadeem Ansari
A hard-working Business Student, who loves to discover new things.

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