I remember moving out of our family mansion in Rawalpindi, Pakistan with my family almost thirteen years ago. Leaving our multi-story abode to move into a lower ground portion in Islamabad wasn’t an easy change. 

Our former residence had an open rooftop where we could view the sky at any given time of the day, without having to move out of our house like it is in the urban settings. This new place had fewer windows, and near to zero view of the sky. 

Being in high school meant having a load of assignments, exams, and studying for entrance examinations for the university; all of this made me forget what it was like to move places, that too in a different city. 

My grandmother however had a hard time adjusting to the fact, she missed seeing the skies, her huge nursery which she’d built over the years, collecting one pot after another. Almost every day she would ask me to put her chair out in the verandah so she could soak some sun in the winters or enjoy the fresh summer air in the evenings.

This would often bother me as to why she felt like doing that every single day, and what was so important in seeing the sky!?

Now that it has been more than a decade to the day we relocated, and life has gotten tougher, with busier work hours and no time for oneself, I try finding some time for myself out in the open only to see the skies. Not only that, I have even grown fond of plants and I am trying to build myself a nursery too just like hers.

It all makes sense now. Being in nature, seeing the open sky change colors every single day. I get so fascinated by the expanse of nature’s glory that I try to capture it, so whenever I’m low I can always look at those pictures and try to feel better.

This life where we’re glued to our screens all day, so consumed by the worldly life, one moment of reprieve from it is bliss.

Seeing my plants thrive reduces my stress, slows down my throbbing heart, calms my nerves to such an extent that it feels like my whole body has turned into new. Not even exaggerating.

You have to experience it for yourself.

Going out for a walk in the park helps me clear my head and improve my mood. Crying out in the open air is its own kind of therapeutic, haha!

Not much can be said about the importance of nature, its magic to cure us, to heal, and to take all our worries away, not forever but even for a moment, it sure feels like heaven. Please trust me on this.

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