Marketing and sales have a terrible reputation for not getting along, and it’s simple to see why. When two departments labor tirelessly to increase income year after year, the pressure to achieve targets may create conflict. One of the reasons I joined my current business, Engage, was to work closely with our sales team. As we see, there are many benefits of marketing especially digital marketing as well.

This blog article is part of the blog series “Your Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing.”

Here are seven of the most significant marketing advantages realized via sales

Top 7 benefits of marketing

1) We Are All Affiliated with The Same Team

It’s easy to fall into the trap of blaming one another when targets are missed; nevertheless, it’s critical to remember that everyone is working toward the same objective. While each department has well defined objectives and targets for achieving those objectives, revenue growth cannot occur unless both departments collaborate.

2) Increased Creativity

Working for a smaller business offers a number of benefits and drawbacks. One of the benefits of working in a smaller business is the chance to bounce ideas off of colleagues in other areas. Your Sales staff has a more intimate relationship with prospective leads and existing customers than your Marketing team does. By listening to my Sales team’s discussions, I’ve gained a better understanding of who our clients are and what they want. Collaborating closely with Sales enables the development of a more accurate buyer profile, more targeted material, and an enhanced social media presence.

3) It Aids in the Strengthening of Your Brand

While your company’s brand may come within the purview of the Marketing department, it is the duty of everyone in the organization to maintain. Collaborate with your sales team to choose the most effective method to showcase how team members represent your business on social media. Utilize unique profile photos, backgrounds, and headers to maintain a unified appearance for your business while also having fun!

4) The Organization’s Culture Improves

Company culture is a critical component of a successful business’s success. Making an effort to collaborate not only enhances a business, but also increases general contentment and happiness. As a Marketer, I’ve discovered that although it’s natural to want to hide in a quiet cave to create content, working alongside Sales can be a lot of fun. Take a few minutes out of your day to visit and see what they’re up to. You haven’t really lived until you’ve built a marketing automation system to the accompaniment of electronic dance music.

5) A Greater Ability To Understand Your Customer

Your sales staff communicates on a very personal level with each lead or client. They are aware of where someone spent Thanksgiving, what they ate for breakfast, and which school they attended. While this information may not seem to be directly related to marketing, it may be very useful for developing focused marketing campaigns.

6) Recognize The Purchasing Process

Take a moment to observe how your Sales staff communicates with prospects and customers over the phone. Take notes on how their interactions vary based on the stage of the purchasing process at which the lead is. This will assist you in tailoring your nurturing material and in determining the language used by a prospective client.

7) Mastering The Art Of Negotiation

Negotiating with suppliers consumes a significant part of a marketer’s day. When my business was in the market for a new marketing automation solution, the process included hours of negotiation. Surrounded by my Sales team, I learned how to talk, think, and bargain like a Salesperson. It was one of the most beneficial experiences of my career.

Dylan Lake is now employed as a marketing manager at Engage, a San Francisco-based startup software business. Ms. Lake has worked tirelessly to develop her company’s marketing tactics from the ground up, and we are pleased to highlight other deserving entrepreneurs on our site. To read more from Ms. Lake, visit her business blog at this link.

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