The world is lockdown after the serious threats of pandemic coronavirus, which already eat millions of lives and spread darkness around the world. In the year 2020, the careful measures are taken after the month of March and it continues till the virus completely vanished from the phase of earth. Now it’s been more than two months of strict restrictions in all parts of the world which have given a serious blow to all the world economy. Life is changing, people are frustrate and stress with the continuous caged life.

The need of the time is a serious lockdown to keep the people safe from the unusual and serious risks for all the people. If they move freely in the streets and malls the pandemic will be out of control. The term “stay home, stay safe” is widely used for the lockdowns which could affect not only the specific area people but it would severely create serious consequences to all the people around the world. The coronavirus is a silent death beat that is unintentionally spreading its paws and taking the life of people.

To facilitate the people to stay at home and protect from the virus, the various social sites have started a scheme for the quarantine time which adds fun in life and spread positivity around. It is also a virtual way of social distancing to protect ourselves from pandemic diseases. Various telecommunication industries have introduced exciting deals to use the internet by staying at home. With the increasing, no of users on Facebook has power the new feature Facebook Spaces VR for its valuable users. Although it has now changed its name from Facebook Space VR to Oculus Connect 6 or Facebook Horizon but the trend of the Facebook Space account is increasing rapidly during the lockdown.

Facebook Spaces VR

The Facebook Spaces VR is a virtual reality app that was developed by Facebook to give its users more exciting and fun activities by the Virtual world. The app helps the user to invite and interact with 3 Facebook friends who have VR devices. Once you logged in to the Facebook Spaces in VR you could remove your headset and directly login to the Facebook account.

How to Interact in Facebook Space

When the user logs in the Facebook Spaces from its account, they could join the private spaces which have an interactive dock table at the center. The interactive table helps you to perform the activities by pointing with the index finger or you could tap the options which are available on the dock table.

Media View:

You can view your photos and videos in your Facebook Space easily. Once you select the media browse from the locations, you can save, share, and create the photos and videos with your friends or on your account timeline. Through the Explore option, you can have suggested videos and photos 360 which is easy to select.

Tools of Facebook Space

In a Tool option, you have different features that could excite the VR experience and give you the choice to draw your favorite picture, change your avatar, or take a selfie with your friends. With beautiful background choices, the avatar looks amazing and works really in the virtual world.

Friends and Family:

You can also select the friends of your choice to interact through Facebook Space. You could select their avatar and enjoy the different exciting features like Selfies, Sharing photos and videos, messenger calls through the VR.


Facebook Space has enormous features of designing your avatar. It is a mirror image of your photo and resembles you in real. You can customize your look from the tagged photos which are uploaded on your Facebook account. The users could see your look through the VR in space while making a messenger call.


Do you want to draw 3D images or objects, the Facebook Space or Oculus Rift is just for your fun which gives amazing interacting groups where you could share, interact with the other users and draw different objects with much ease? The drawing feature on the Facebook Space or Oculus VR gives your creations a wide range of simple and complex 3D objects by using the tools from the library and help you to build a complex multiplayer visual scripting and games in your Facebook account. The users should have Oculus Rift and VR for using the Facebook Space or you could send them to invite for this interesting quarantine feature.

Limitations of Facebook Space/Oculus VR

The user should have VR compatible devices as the Oculus VR couldn’t run without the VR. For PC you require Intel Core i3-6100, GPU: Radeon RX 470, RAM: 8GB, USB Ports: USB 3.0,

For Mobile: Only the VR compatible mobile or tablet.

The Oculus Rift is only for the PC not for Mac users.

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