Just when you think you have gotten enough of the Netflix experience, you hear that new titles like The Dig, Army of the Dead and Escape from Spiderhead are coming, among others. And that just for movies – not talking about the series, shows and documentaries yet.

In short, there are a lot of reasons to stick with the Netflix experience.

But then, it won’t be much of an experience if you are not enjoying it right. That is why we have come up with a guide to getting the best out of your Netflix subscriptions this 2021.

More is Fun

If you have friends and family who also stream on Netflix, how about you combine to make the fun better?

Netflix plans are designed to favor those who buy group packages. Instead of purchasing for a single viewer, you could buy the bigger tier packages instead. That saves you all money while still giving you the same viewing experience.

Parental Controls

Speaking of sharing viewing screens, there is the chance that a minor is involved. This is especially possible in a household sharing model.

You don’t need to stop your kids from streaming Netflix content till you are around when a parental control setting will do the work for you.

Learn how to set up parental controls on Netflix here and the algorithm will keep the inappropriate content away from your babies.

Use a VPN

When we see people yet to start  Netflix with a VPN, we can’t but imagine all the fine shows and movies that they have missed out on.

Most of the content on Netflix is restricted to a certain location. If you are not in some markets, you won’t get access to some of the best content. Most times, the markets that get it all are in the US and UK.

If you also want access to such a rich catalog, use a VPN to defeat the geo-blocking.

Before logging into Netflix, connect to your VPN app and change your IP address to one in the States for example. You will suddenly find that you have more movies and amazing shows to pick from.

Secure your account

There are a lot of reasons why you want to secure your Netflix account.

For one, an unauthorized person might gain access and start streaming content off your subscription. Even if you were fine with that, you should not be fine with the potential data loss that could occur.

Think about your details (name, address, and more) as well as credit card details (for payment) that you have on your Netflix account.

Do you want that in the wrong hands? Probably not.

Choose a secure password for your account and never share it with anyone you shouldn’t be sharing with. When you notice unauthorized activity, change the login details.

Start Streaming Better

Those tips help us stream better, so we know they will work wonders for you also. As we look forward to a huge roster of movies and shows in 2021, these are exciting Netflix times for us all.

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