“The Giving Tree” enjoys a status of classic. This is the story of female Apple Tree filled with motherhood emotions and a child who grew to a man. The tree nourished him as a mother.
As the child climbed up to various stages of his age, the Apple tree gave him her all parts time to time. She gave him her shadow, her fruit to eat and sale, her branches for building home, her trunk for making boat, her stump to sit and rest.
Well this is a story of all trees! Not only they sacrifice their physical parts for our physical comfort but they also have magical powers, they can be therapeutic as we find in myths.
Japanese Forest Ministry ratified the modern version of Forest bathing officially in 1982 as a health therapy. They started calling it shinrin-yoku. Shinrin means “forest,” and yoku means “bath.
This therapy involves no instructor, doctor or advance techniques. Just go in forest. Sit there or walk their, all choice is yours. Sense the forest with 5 senses.
Feel the air and breeze on your skin, watch it swirling around you, hear, how it sounds when passes through leaves, taste it while breathing, smell it while inhaling.
Let your skin feel the touch of all parts of trees, shrubs, weeds and grass. Let your eyes see what interests them.
Let your nose smell, soil, and dew drops. Let your ears hear the drizzling sun rays, talking trees and animals. Listen attentively water flow in the trees.
Sense each and every moment you can feel, beneath and above the land. Let your tongue taste the distilled air, fruits of trees and whatever testable as to be king did.
Don’t compel yourself doing anything. Just do what you want to do man….. but with your five senses. After wards sixth one will automatically appear as a bridge between you and nature.
Try one thing, pick a rock, and put your problem in it and throw it. Your body and soul will feel lighter. This is famous trick of Berman, a forest bath expert.
This meeting with nature through forest will calm your nerves, lesson your worries and normalize your heart beat rate, blood pressure and hormone production.
It will boost your immune system. You will return home rejuvenated.
Berman also tells that if you add 10 trees in your residential block, it will improve health of all neighbors by 1 percent.
This little investment will increase income generating capacity and make them all 7 years younger by mind and body.
Henry David suggested” tonic of wilderness” in his essay Walden: Or, Life in the Woods, in 1985 for discontents of civilized societies. You can call it “Biophilia|”
Trees do many other things which we cannot sense with our naked senses. We have to pay special attention to notice them, like trees can talk. Tress communicates with each other through roots and underground fungus.
Mostly they talk about their meals. They speak all the time. They are too talkative. Nay???? They talk through making sounds, emitting scents, signals and vibes. They do it above the land and beneath the land.
Ecologist Suzanne Simard studied forests 30 years .In June 2016, she gave a Ted Talk on “How Trees Talk to Each Other.”
She says that trees in forests network themselves through infinite biological pathways, which make them an intelligent single organism.
They exchange food through fungus underground and above the land, send seeds through visitors like wind, bats and birds.
Peter Wohlleben told the Guardian that trees have a social setup as humans have. He saw a tree which has no leaves for 500 years but still alive. “Every living being needs nutrition,” He said “The only explanation was that it was supported by the neighbor trees via the roots with a sugar solution.”
Like humans they also compete with each other for light and space. But their good quality is to donate the surplus to them who have less.
One thing more, they can talk to you as well! Only thing you need is to understand them as Waorani people do. They live in Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador. They found it astonishing when they come to know that normal people in citizens think trees don’t cry when we cut them.
They and biologists are at same page , anyone who wants, can learn language of trees. In 2017 biologist George David Haskell wrote a book The Songs of Trees, in which he discussed all possibilities of two way communication.
He said if you want to learn talking trees then firstly you have to understand nature, better kneel down before it. They have strong networking indeed, with each other and all other lives on Earth.
First time I came to know trees can move, Macbeth popped in my mind. In the masterpiece of Shakespeare wizards made prophecy to Macbeth that he will not defeated
Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane Hill
Shall come against him”
And then the time came when he saw wood moving towards him. Though it was a war tactic but wood moved.
Science says tress move but collectively, not individually. They move from unfavorable environment to favorable one. It takes 10 years to forest to move 10 miles/6 km.
One study found that 70% of tree species in the eastern US had migrated north or west to areas of better soil. Isn’t it a nice squad goal????
This migration makes your vicinity under threat of destabilization. So if you have plans to stay at same place for a long time, take care of environment of trees around you so that they may stay with you till you want.
Despite of their caring nature we chop them down. Each year we deforest around 250 km² area, equal to area of UK.‎ these trees maintains our ecosystem but we destruct them. May be we don’t like our saviors, maybe we don’t love ourselves.

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