The Myers Briggs Personality test comprises of two steps.


This step is a powerful personality assessment that not only provides a deeper understanding of the personality traits of an individual but the causes of motivation and group interactions of multiple personal and business issues as well.

Step I analyze personality type on the basis of four fundamental dimensions of individual differences to create 16 personality type profiles.

  1. Extraversion – Introversion

Where an individual prefers to get his/her energy from

  • Sensing – Intuition

What kind of information an individual prefers to gather?

  • Thinking – Feeling

Which process does an individual user to make decisions?

  • Judging-Perceiving

In what ways does an individual deal with the world around him/her?


The second step is a questionnaire that takes the step I preferences into account and figures out the DNA of a person close in order to determine the personality to develop a better understanding of the aspects that differentiate them from those people who are of the same step I type as them. This result is an extremely modified outline and a development plan which is very helpful for training, strategic planning and constructing organized teams.

On the basis of the data gathered from the discussed steps, a person falls into either one of the 16 personality types suggested by Myers and Briggs.

The main purpose of this article is to help the readers develop a better understanding of the entire test which can be very helpful for them to figure out their choice of work on the basis of their personality type.

We shall discuss all the 16 types and a few career choices that are most suitable for each type.


People belonging to this type tend to be typically comprehensive, careful, accurate but also systematic and reserved. 

Career ideas:

The people that lie in this category are likely to have clear goals and they are hardly ever unrealistic. They work on the basis of facts and figures in an organized environment to solve their problems.

Best career options for this type lie within management, administration, law enforcement and accounts.

  • Business and financial – Accountant, Budget Analyst, Cost Estimator, Logistician, Real Estate Assessor, Financial manager, etc.
  • Mathematics – Actuary, Statistician
  • Architecture & Engineering – Aerospace engineer, electrical engineer, Industrial engineer, Mechanical engineer, Surveyor, etc
  • Legal – Court reporter, judge, lawyer, paralegal


Those who lie in this category are practical. Patience is their virtue. They are dependable and extremely loyal. They apply experience and common sense in order to solve their problems.

Career ideas:

These people love their work and they own it. They support their colleagues and care for them. Recommended jobs to ISFJs are those that reward their sense of loyalty and gives them a purpose where they feel obliged to help others such as health care or social work.

  • Social Service – Correctional treatment specialist, Social worker, Human service assistant.
  • Health Care – Dentist, Physician, Pharmacist, Surgeon, Nurse, etc.
  • Education – Career & technical education teachers, Librarian, Principal, Child care director, etc.
  • Administrative support – Postal service, Secretary, Receptionist, etc.


INFJs tend to be towards the committed, empathetic side as well as the imaginative and impracticable side. They are not so outgoing and are extremely sensitive. They enjoy finding a shared vision for all and inspire other people to recreate new ways to attain their vision.

Career ideas:

They enjoy working for reputable organizations that have a humanitarian mission. They love to innovate new programs in order to fulfill people’s spiritual needs. Careers may include more artistic and philanthropic professions.

  • Health care – public health educator, Family physician, Massage therapist, Nutritionist, Psychiatrist, etc.
  • Counseling – Clinical psychologist, speech pathologist, Clergy.
  • Sciences – Social scientist, genealogist, Environmental scientist.
  • Business & Law – HR Manager, Legal Mediator, Corporate trainer.
  • Arts – Graphic designer, interior decorator, Editor.


This group comprises of the typically strategic and conceptual as well as innovative individuals. They tend to be highly independent and logical. INTJs are demanding as well as reflective.

Career ideas:

INTJs enjoy being challenged on their intellect and they prefer working in a goal-oriented environment. They are the perfectionists who like to work with the experts in the field. Appealing careers are scientific and technical industries.

  • Architecture & Engineering – Civil Engineer, Biomedical engineer, a Computer hardware engineer.
  • Science – Atmospheric scientist, Economist, Microbiologist, Political Scientist.
  • IT – Programmer, Software developer, Computer System Analyst.
  • Arts & Design – Photographer, Writer, Technical Writer, Editor.


They are practical and realistic individuals as well as logical and adaptable. They enjoy learning and are always finding ways to enhance their skills. They do not get hyper and are of a very calm nature even during a crisis.

Career ideas:

Since they like analyzing problems, they like to work on their own and prefer analytical work. Appealing jobs are Agriculture, Surgery or Engineering.

Fieldwork – Carpenter, Mechanic, Farmer, etc

  • Health – ER Physician, Dental hygienist
  • Arts – Chef, photographer
  • Security – Military officer, Intelligence agent, Private investigator, Firefighter.


They love bringing people together and enjoy providing services to people and encourage cooperation among one another. They are supportive, modest, tender and loyal.

Career ideas:

They enjoy working in a field that gives meaning to their lives. They do not prefer working in a competitive environment. They are helpful and supportive of their co-workers.

  • Arts & Design – fashion designer, interior designer, cosmetologist, landscape architect.
  • Health – Nurse, Therapist, Fitness trainer, animal trainer.            
  • Office Work – Paralegal, Office manager, insurance appraiser.
  • Social – Preschool teacher, Residential Counsellor, Special Education teacher, etc.


They are the easiest going and flexible people who tend to adjust according to their environment. They are impulsive, philosophical, contained and highly imaginative.  INFPs usually have confidence issues which prevent them from speaking up in a meeting or lead a team. This gives others a reason to believe that they do not care but actually they just have a fear of not being good enough.

Career ideas:

They love to help others and display their impulsiveness and creativity through the medium of arts or writing. They like doing meaningful work.

  • Arts & Design – Fine Artist, Fashion Designer, Multimedia Animator, Writer.
  • Social Service – Mental health counselor, Community Service Manager, Career Counsellor.
  • Business & Management – Fundraiser, HR Specialist, Development Manager.
  • Science & Health Care – Psychologist, Sociologist, Midwife, Therapist, Vet.


INTPs are independent people who do not attach themselves to worldly possessions.  They are inventive, rational and skeptical. They think strategically and solve their problems at hand on the basis of concepts.

Career ideas:

They appreciate occupations in procedural and scientific work. They like to work in such an atmosphere that allows them enough time and space without being interrupted and pressurized. They do not like working in teams or attending a lot of meetings.

  • Technology – Software developer, Computer Research Scientist, Programmer, Network Administrator.
  • Engineering – Architect, Chemical Engineer, Materials Engineer, Mechanical Engineer.
  • Business & Law – Accountant, Lawyer, Top Executive, Management Consultant.
  • Arts & Language – Graphic Designer, Music Director, Photographer, College Instructor.
  • Health – Surgeon, Medical Scientist, Psychologist, Microbiologist.


They are investigative, outgoing and enthusiastic people who are logical, observant as well as resourceful. They motivate other people by energizing the situations and apply common sense for problem-solving.

Career Ideas:

ESTPs enjoy taking risks and manage the situations full of crisis. They give their most when surrounded with like-minded people who are just as active as them. 

  • Operations – Flight Attendant, Restaurant Owner, Chef
  • Science – Exercise Physiologist, Athlete Trainer, Biologist
  • Management – Budget Analyst, Chief Financial Officer, Sales Manager


ESFPs are of an adaptable, chatty and welcoming nature. They like being put in new situations every now and then. They are tolerant, spontaneous, playful and enthusiastic.

Career ideas:

These people believe in the fun at work. They create a spirit of cooperation for their co-workers. They love to learn new skills and they are attracted to careers which would make use of their outgoing nature.

  • Education – Elementary teacher, Special Education Teacher, Preschool teacher.
  • Health & Fitness – Physical therapist, Massage therapist, Nurse, Fitness trainer, Paediatrician.
  • Management – Retail Manager, PR Manager, Retail salesperson, Event Coordinator.
  • Arts & Design – Landscape Architect, Jeweller, Florist, Fashion & Interior Designer.


They are multitaskers who can carry out many projects at once. They make use of every possible method available to solve their problems. They are friendly, energetic and expressive people.

Career Ideas:

They enjoy working in those environments that reward creativity and innovation. They love teamwork and cooperation.

  • Entertainment – Actor, Choreographer, Musician, Director.
  • Business & Sales – HR specialist, Fundraiser, Travel Agent, Saler Manager.
  • Sciences – Sociologist, Psychologist, Urban Planner, Forester.
  • Media & Communication – Interpreter, Photographer, PR Manager, Reporter.


Their qualities include being emergent, theoretical, flexible and also thought-provoking and imaginative.  They could be indecisive at times and become overly challenging to others.

Career Ideas:

They like working in an environment that is speedy and full of energy. They love to have the freedom to think and creating technical solutions face by them.

  • Science – Geographer, Historian, Astronomer, Political Scientist, Epidemiologist.
  • Engineering & Technology – Architect, Civil Engineer, IS Manager, Web Developer.
  • Entertainment – Musician, Producer, Composer, Actor.
  • Arts – Industrial Designer, Editor, Reporter, Translator.


They are goal-oriented, organized and resourceful individuals with an extensive network of contacts. They are capable of making tough decisions. They are responsible, efficient, realistic and logical.

Career Ideas:

They like being analytical and have their goals set. They enjoy being a part of the atmosphere which is stable and has clearly defined responsibilities.

  • Sales & Accounts – Sales Engineer, Stock Broker, Sales Manager, Budget Analyst.
  • Law – Attorney, Paralegal, Judge.
  • Health & Sciences – Dentist, Pharmacist, Physician, Athlete Trainer.
  • Management – Funeral Director, General Contractor, Factory Supervisor, Building Inspector.


ESFJs are usually the overthinkers and what they decide is highly influenced by what they think others want. They find difficulty in adjusting to unexpected events. They are warm by nature and tend to be supportive, realistic and organized.

Career Ideas:

They prefer those work environments which feel at home. They enjoy interacting nicely with their customers and clients and communicate the value of their products or service in the best possible ways.

  • Education – Elementary Teacher, School Administrator, Special Education Teacher.
  • Law – Court reporter, Paralegal.
  • Administrative Support – Customer Service Support, Receptionist,
  • Health – Nurse, Speech Pathologist, Optometrist, Dentist.


They are the motivators who can push their teams to deliver their best. They respect and value the opinions of their co-workers while making decisions. They are supportive, friendly and warm. They could be persuasive if need be.

Career Ideas:

They love to transmit their skills to others in their workplace. They take their deadlines very seriously and love to work in collaborative environments.

  • Community & Social Service – Health Educator, Rehab Counsellor, Family therapist.
  • Education – Adult Literacy Teacher, Childcare Centre Director, College Instructor.
  • Business & Sales – Lodging Manager, Insurance Sales Agent, HR Manager.
  • Office & Administrative – Receptionist, Executive Assistant, Customer Service Representative.


They are strategic people with skeptical values. They are organized and challenging. They always contemplate the future and see the big picture. They possess leadership qualities and like to accomplish long term goals.

Career Ideas:

They work best in those environments which promote competition, rewards achievements and offer new challenges. They do not scare of making tough decisions.

  • Business & Financial – Finance Examiner, Cost Estimator, Budget Analyst, Loan Officer.
  • Management – Top Executive, Lodging Manager, Benefits Manager.
  • Sales – Real Estate Agent, Insurance Sales Agent, Wholesale Manufacturing.
  • Building & Operation – Construction Manager, Electrician, Airline Pilot


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