“Self-care isn’t selfish; it is an act of generosity.”

Nowadays, we are living in a world where everyone is leading a busy life. The impact of such a hectic nature of lifestyle reflects not only our physical but mental health too. Moreover, there are plenty of things to scare us and trigger our fears. Every time we turn on the TV, there’s something that’ll scare us somehow. Print media is popular because of its hysterical articles, and many eyes are attracted to the website showing violence, merely misrepresenting the facts. It is easy to be afraid about things if you aren’t aware of the truth or misevaluate any point. This is the main reason why we shouldn’t waste our energy on such stressful or dramatic events.

People nowadays get upset over the slightest things being afraid of the emotional consequences of the events they face. Most of them usually overreact their anger or sadness, often creating a negative impact on their fears. One of the biggest problems of the overreaction of real issues is panic. People usually put themselves either into flight or fight mode by frightening beyond the actual demand to deal with the problems, threatening their life most of the time.

When undergoing emotional panic, you can feel a significant shutdown of the feelings. All your abilities to think, your responses, reflexes, and to make decisions will be numb. Many researchers have confirmed that during the panic session, your mind doesn’t remain in the state of retaining any type of information, even not absorbing what we are hearing and isn’t able to also deal with the situation correctly. They’ve suggested that in a real emergency, the worst thing you can do is panic as it will negatively affect the whole situation.

So, if you are suffering from any scary or upsetting situation, you need to follow some coping strategies which will be helpful to calm yourself and makes you positive. Being calm will help you to get the solution for any stressful effectively and quickly.

Steps To Calm Your Anxiety And Fears

Here are the six crucial steps you need to follow to resolve your anxiety and fear, regardless of the situation you are facing.

Recognizing the signs of panic

If you undergo any kind of situation which involves the racing of your heartbeat, paling of your face, mental confusion, or sweating, then you are in a panic state. If you found yourself shouting in an unreasonable situation, saying things without thinking about the consequences, that also means the state of panic. After such circumstances, you have to identify your condition and ponder over it and its consequences. Whenever you recognize yourself doing any of the symptoms, you have to stop doing it immediately and indulge yourself in another task.

Deep breaths

You can also calm your body during such a state by taking deep breathing, which is recommended by many psychologists. Whenever you found yourself losing control, even not in stress, in anger too, you can meditate. This way, you can burn the adrenaline off your body, which will release the panic. Another helpful strategy will be counting to ten and focusing on the point you have been stressing about, thinking factually and clearly, rather than being emotional about it.

anxiety and fear

Figure out the reasons for your fears

After every stressful event, note down the reasons you are afraid of any particular event. Listing your fears will help move forward will your anxiety and clear up your bloated mind. Later on, you can ponder over the reasons and evaluate them according to your understanding.

Check the facts

Another thing you have to do is evaluate your fears through facts and figures. You have to be sure whether the event or situation you are being stressed about deserves your stress or not. Being cautious about the real and immediate threat is wise; otherwise, it will result in making a fool out of your fears. Most people stress about the situation that will not even happen in real life; that’s the reason why you have to assess your issue factually.

Take action to handle your fears

If your fears are factually valid, then you have to take measures to control them. You can either consult a doctor or any person with emotional and psychological stability. You can also discuss it with the person whom the fear is about. Talking out the issues helps a lot to deal with them. Guessing the reasons will make things worse.

Think of all the positive results

In the end, you have to consider all the positive results and changes you are going to experience after calming your anxiety.

In this way, you will be able to learn a lot about your fears and more positively decisive by creating a more successful outcome becoming better and stress-free in your life.

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