Dates are tropical stone fruits cultivated on the date palm and may be traced back over 5,000 years to the Persian Gulf region of the Middle East. The fruits grow in enormous bunches on the tree and flavor from light green, crunchy, soft, chewy, and delicious in various brownish hues. Some are often drier or smaller, while others darken almost to black. They are ripening divided into unripe, crunchy, soft, and sun-dried. They are normally left on the tree until completely ripe, although they are taken early to allow for a more controlled drying process. Date fruits are dried; they are not quite desiccated like dried apricots or cranberries. They still maintain moisture, which is why you should put them in a cold climate.

It’s one of the world’s most delicious dates. Dates contain more than 75% sugar. These dates are in high demand throughout Europe, particularly in Russia. Sayers organic dates dissolve fast in the water and produce a large amount of sugar. Sayer organic dates are also one of the most famous Iranian Dates. It’s easier to extract the core of the other dates because they’re semi-dried. Sayer organic dates last longer than different types of dating. Normal temperatures can be maintained without the need for a refrigerator. At normal temperatures, they have an 18-month shelf life. Sayer organic dates are easily shipped to all world areas due to their high durability and affordable costs. The date is well-known in many countries, particularly Europe, because of its excellent quality and positive characteristics.


The most popular dates in Khuzestan are Sayer organic Dates, which account for roughly 65 percent of all Iranian dates and are largely utilized for export or international markets. The date is well-known for its great quality and desirable qualities in several nations, including Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The most popular dates in Khuzestan are Sayer organic Dates, which account for roughly 65 percent of all Iranian dates and are largely utilized for export or international markets. Sayer date is one of the most well-known and well-known Iranian dates. The Iranian Sayer Date, grown in southern Iran, is one of the best quality kinds of the date designated for export. Iran produces various delicious date varieties. The fruit comes in a broad range of types, with more than 400 cultivated in Iran’s southern, southwestern, and southeastern palm groves, some internationally acclaimed.


Sayer organic dates are an anti-cancer fruit with antioxidant qualities. Furthermore, Sayer dates contain magnesium, which enhances gastrointestinal function and facilitates digestion. The high iron content of the Sayer date is particularly beneficial to those who suffer from anemia. The date has a lot of nutrients as well as fiber. Because the Sayer Date is semi-dried after harvest and has a moisture content of less than 17%, it may be stored in a tropical warehouse for up to a year without freezing! This type of date fruit dissolves fast in the water. It’s worth noting that the dates grown in Khuzestan province, particularly Sayer Date, are pesticide-free and chemical-free!


The Iranian Sayer organic dates is a delectable treat. The high sugar content of this date also provides athletes with much-needed energy for a short workout. High-quality Sayer dates include a variety of antioxidants that offer several health advantages, including a lower risk of a variety of illnesses—cancer and heart attacks, for example. Dates are abundant in iron, which improves and promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Dates also help to reduce hair loss. Dates are good for your liver and can help you avoid fatty liver disease. As a result, dates aid liver cleansing.


One of the leading exporters of high-quality Sayer dates is our company. Sayer date is one of Iran’s and the world’s best-quality palms. Khuzestan is one of Iran’s most productive date-producing regions. Many major traders and high-end clients in Iran have been drawn to this high-quality dried fruit. The Sayer dates account for around 45 percent of Iranian exports. Sayer organic dates are popular all over the world because of their high sugar content and low cellulose content.

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