Europe is the 2nd smallest continent on the planet and is a hub of social activities. It consists of 51 countries according to the latest data. Europe is a continent that receives an ample amount of refugees arriving from areas like the Middle East and Africa among others. This is a growing problem according to the European governments as the risk of terrorism, felonies and hate crimes is steadily increasing. More than 2 million have arrived in Europe since 2014 and have mostly settled in Hungary, Germany, and Italy, etc. This has also caused the as of yet dwindling food supplies to drop at a staggering rate that is a growing factor contributing to contempt towards immigrants. It is also a concern that suspected links to the ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have been reported and is causing mass hysteria to unfold in several countries and the well-being of actual innocent refugees is largely at stake. Also, the issue of xenophobia is showing much prevalence in France, Netherlands, Norway, etc. This is a huge concern for governments all over the world.

Apart from the immigration issue, there is also the issue of the lowering amount of food supplies. Europe is a continent in which countries have been facing problems in their individual agriculture sectors as the amount and availability of agricultural land are quite low. Also, it is noticed that the given output provided by agricultural sources is not substantial for every person to be fed. This is a problem that is reaching alarming levels in every country around Europe and needs to be properly addressed before the already meager amount of food supplies left to run out.

The main reasons for all the problems and risks of greater problems can be solved by the following methods that need to be enforced by the EU (European Union):

Immigration and Refugees:

Drafting of laws on immigration:

Immigration is a very demanding process and it needs to be handled efficiently and effectively so that corrective measures can be adopted for the safe transportation of refugees that require immigration. As of yet the EU does not have a law that dictates the comings and goings of the refugees and is in desperate need of such law so that xenophobia and other significant problems can be eliminated. This will require all the European countries to face the same page and to pass a law that will ensure that the immigrants are shared equally amongst each other and also, they are treated properly.

Restrictions on parties exhibiting refugee hate:

The current situation of Europe is based on a mixture of right and left parties that have such varying ideologies that have caused extremely erratic situations to explode around Europe. Most of these leftist parties have very illogical motives, to be frank, and they can be very demanding in their set motives. It has been noticed that many of them exhibit a bitter disliking towards some members of the refugee class. This is also causing mass turmoil among the locals as well as the incoming refugees. This needs to be tremendously curbed to avoid violations of human rights and also to stop the risk of rebellion in refugees.

Proper distribution of refugees:

Many countries have been the victim of many disagreements amongst each other as each one does not want to receive the entire share of the refugees. These issues must be delved on upon by the existing governments and through mutual understanding must be properly clarified so as to provide a common ground in the growing conflicts present in the European Union. For example, Germany receives a big chunk of the refugees and there is a constant insistence on the proper distribution of the incoming refugees. This must be acted upon for the safe-keeping of both refugees and the locals.

Food Crisis:

Proper Land Management:

Agricultural land consists of 39% of Europe’s land cover and this is not enough to ensure that every single person enjoys at least 2 meals every day. This figure needs to be increased so that the impending food crisis may be averted and that every mouth can be fed properly and the although low poverty levels can be eventually curbed to null. This will require cooperation amongst all the countries but will be for the benefit of a larger community. The EU must take the necessary steps to ensure that this gets attention.

Avoiding Food Wastage:

The amount of food in a country is entirely based upon its total production. A rise in this production can only be done if the previously produced food is used properly and that no unnecessary wastage of this otherwise scarce resource is interpreted. This will require a proper bill on laws related to food in the EU so that the whole of Europe can be successful in obtaining a well-functioning and stable Europe. The current steps are looking dull in the future and must be properly polished to ensure that this food crisis diminishes.


We can understand from the above that the current refugee situation in Europe is directly proportional to the increasing food crisis. In order to properly assess the currently hazardous situation, meetings must be encouraged in the EU to proceed with solutions to this problem so that the whole of Europe is benefitted. This must be adopted hastily so as to stop the refugee crisis and the food crisis and up the standard of living.

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