Being living in the 21st century, we are still fighting for women’s rights. Have you ever felt embarrassed about it? Isn’t it a bit distressing?

For years, women have fought for their rights, but we are still unable to cope up the circumstances. Women are still subjected to gender prejudice. This is completely absurd! Isn’t that so?

Why are women thought to be inferior to men? Why there is such disparity between men and women in every aspect of life? Yes, we are aware that men and women are not on an equal footing. They are dissimilar in terms of physique and mentality. But when it comes to rights, they are equal.

Talking about the rights does not mean that they should be considered as a head in every phase of life.  However, it actually means that women should be allowed to live freely, to speak freely, and to do whatever they want. Women should be entitled to education, they should be entitled to marry a  person they love. They should be granted the freedom to make their own choices. They should be allowed to follow their own passions.

Women are capable of accomplishing their dreams & desires. Women are thought to be inferior, yet this is not the reality. They are able to coexist. They are passionate and ambitious. They have their own dreams. They just need permission & independence to fulfill it.

Women, too, are unappreciative of the passionate girls. They despise the successful female. So what can we expect from a man? This is unpleasant, but it is the reality with which we must deal.

I am not talking about the bookish things that I have read, but this is what I have seen my friend is experiencing such biasedness. My friend is not allowed to get an education after matriculation. The reason is that she is a girl and she must marry a person, do the household and look after the family. What about her ambitions? What about her dreams? It hurts… that the living creature keeps many questions in her mind that are left unanswered. She feels that being a woman, it’s her mistake to have dreams.

Why is it that the birth of a girl is regarded as a curse?? Let me explain why. The woman is regarded as a helpless species. Men think of themselves as superior. They have the ability to do anything they want. Because females are required to leave their homes after marriage, they will not be able to assist their parents in the future. Boys, on the other hand, will remain with their parents for the rest of their lives. Have you ever considered the same scenario from a different perspective? What if sons abandon their parents in favor of their marriages or other interests? Or what if women support their parents even after their marriages.

Why women are imposed to do and everything that their parents want. Why can’t they share their own perspective regarding the life they are living? Why women cannot even select a life partner themselves? Why women are forced to marry a person whom they do not love. The reason behind all these questions is society. In society, it is not acceptable.


It means that without the neck head cannot move. Women are a crucial part of society. They should get equal opportunities in life. They should be provided the freedom. They should get the rights to share their opinions and viewpoints.

Gender Prejudice is not only affecting individual lives but also professional lives. In many of the Organizations, Men’s are hired more as compared to women. Usually, the organization does not hire women due to numerous reasons. If they hire women then there won’t be proper incentives for them or there would be a lack of recognition.

Gender inequality affects not only women but the entire country. Pakistan is lagging behind the times in comparison to other countries. The developed and progressed countries consider women as the leaders. They consider them as an important part of society. In the economic development of many countries, women played a leading role. Due to conservative and narrow thinking, Pakistan is still an underdeveloped state.

In order to eliminate this discrimination, we will have to change the mentality of our nation. This can only be achieved by broadening the way of thinking and giving opportunities to women around the country.


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