The following post contains spoilers from Stranger Things season 4.

You know a TV show is a big hit when it crashes Netflix, which is exactly what happened with Season Four of “Stranger Things”. It was a truly exquisite cinematic experience and it left fans wanting more. But since season 5 is not coming out anytime soon, the fans will have to make do with the theories and predictions for what’s next. Let’s dive into three of the most intriguing ones.

Vecna Has An Uncanny Power

According to some theories, Vecna’s powers are far darker and more fearsome than what he revealed. It is possible that Henry/Number One/Vecna actually possesses the ability to look at the past and the future (and maybe even manipulate time). The eerie grandfather clock can be symbolic or his literal tool to see beyond the present. His dialogues in Nancy’s vision such as “You have already lost,” and “This is the beginning of the end,” might not just be threats as Nancy also claimed that Vecna showed her things that haven’t happened yet; a dark ominous future of Hawkins. It also seems foolish for a mastermind like Henry to just casually reveal his whole game plan to Nancy just for the sake of what? Show off? It’s possible that either their knowledge will in fact assist henry’s plan or he has seen the future and knows that no matter what they do, Vecna will inevitably win.

An Opponent More Formidable Than Vecna Will Descend Upon Hawkins

The fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons always had an integral connection to the reality of our characters. The game not only anticipated the Demogorgon but also the Mind Flayer. However, another foreshadowed monster in season 2 that never came to reality was the “Thessalhydra”. IN D&D The Thessalhydra is a terrifying 8-headed creature, created by a strong Lich (an undead character of the game). With the Upside Down gate now wide open, who knows what kinds of creatures will crawl (or fly) through? So Thessalhydra’s entry is entirely possible.

But there was another hint; Will’s painting to Mike. It portrayed a multiple-headed dragon-like creature. Perhaps will’s connection with Upside-Down passed on the forewarning for the impending doom. On a positive note, since D&D acts as a parallel to the show, it is highly possible that Erica Sinclairs’ iconic win in the game is a foreshadowing of her becoming the ultimate savior, defeating either Vecna or if it comes down to it; The Thessalhydra.

But the theories connected to D&D do not end here. Here is how a Twitter user @El011Hopper theorized the return of a previous character: Kali a.k.a Number 8:

“Thinking about how Erica’s attack that defeated Vecna in the DnD game was a 20. 11 alone failed, but 011+008+001 = 020. Could it take El and Kali turning 001’s powers around on him to defeat Vecna in the end? I don’t know, just a theory.”

A Cyclical Ending

Stranger things began with the disappearance of Will Byers and the start of all things apocalyptic was due to Eleven opening the gate to the Upside Down. It is thus possible that season 5 will end with Will becoming once again a host to a creature of the Upside Down. It is also possible that Eleven will die trying to close the gate, taking down Vecna with her.

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