Just as it’s important to make the wise choice of subjects after completing high school which depends on the interest of the student and the number of resources available, its equally important to make wise business choices relevant to the degree, skills, and experience acquired and learned.

Most people complete their formal years of education before entering into any field. But few don’t have the resources and money to complete their university education or acquire a degree. While some even complete their education in a relevant field but opt for another field.

Today we will introduce you to a person who has completed his engineering but opted to do business since he has longed to do this but peer pressure made him acquire a degree in engineering.

Let’s enter the business world and meet Mirza Kamran Baig and his business choice: means of earning. Socialitespaces will give you a detailed outlook on how he started, what difficulties he faced before starting his new venture, what it’s all about, why did he choose it, can it be chosen as a part-time career, and more.

The founder of WEARALLonline loves nature and beauty. He always had a keen interest in playing with colors and designs, buying and selling them, reaching the target audience, and satisfying them.

This interest has made him enter the business of selling imported and local brands of women and kids wear, both stitched and unstitched.

Like most businesses, it also required a huge investment but the talented guy started with a limited amount to reach his target audience through online buying, marketing, and selling. This reduced the hassle of commuting, thus saving time, energy and limited the use of resources like manpower, etc.

He believes in providing high quality at an affordable price and increases his sales and profits simultaneously. He aims to open his retail outlet in the near future.

He never feels down even after he faced a lot of setbacks, rejections, and disapproval from his fellow friends and family and believes it as a part of the business. He has a strong vision in mind and continues to move on in his learning and start-up phase.

We all need to encourage the young minds with all our heart to improve productivity and increase the opening of more new ventures by our fellow people.

For business inquiries and details, you can contact Mirza Kamran Baig through the WhatsApp group and Facebook page and chat with him too.

WhatsApp group: https://chat.whatsapp.com/79E61zCLHRG9nN1NDedLC3

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wearallonline

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Rabia Kamran had a childhood passion for storytelling and sharing with her friends and siblings. She completed A levels and MBA from Karachi, Pakistan, and pursued her school teaching past time as a career. Starting an online consumer products business two years back, she had gained useful marketing experience. Coupled with research and personal experience, she has now turned to content writing. She claims to be versatile, convincing, and to the point in her writings. She also looks forward to sharing her travel experiences as she moves on. Her hobbies include reading, traveling, and child psychology.



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