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One of the reasons I love MUN is because there are many skills you can build using this activity only. There’s a lot that goes on in a MUN and that significantly allows you to test your skills.

I feel that all these skills can be very important in different walks of your life, and that’s why MUN becomes many people’s go-to-activity, even if we keep the fun outside.
Below I’ve mentioned the most important 5 skills you can polish, knowing that there may be more than just these skills. I believe these skills can transform you and that’s why I’ll talk about them.

If you’re not aware of what MUN is, check out my MUN terms series, starting with this part

If you are, head below!


Public Speaking

The most basic and the first skill you’ll be able to enhance.

You can enhance this skill in other platforms also such as speech competitions but MUN is probably the best place because of large unfamiliar audience, which tests you. In some way, it’s also easy because everyone else is doing it too, thus serving as motivation.

If you’re someone who’s shy and thinks they’re unable to do public speaking, think again. I was there too but MUN helped me a lot. It was really difficult to make my first speech at my first MUN but once I started it, it became very smooth and easy.



This is not a very common skill in the society because debating competitions are less frequent than speaking competitions. However, MUN serves as a great platform for this skill to be polished.

Debates allow you to understand someone’s perspective and counter it with all you got, while being civil. MUN is simply structured like that, where delegates counter points of other delegates if they’re invalid according to them. This truly allows great thinking before the debate and also generates ideas during the debate.

In general, debating is a more powerful skill than speaking, so do master it.



This is one of the skills I didn’t easily get. That was not because it’s difficult but rather because it’s not practiced much in the MUN by each individual, as usually only 1 or 2 people per bloc draft the documents e.g. draft resolution.

Still, this skill is very important, partly because it’s rare. Not many in society know how to draft. They can write but not draft as that requires proper formatting like clauses etc.

This skill allows you to be a skillful writer and it may definitely pay in other circles of life too.


Critical Thinking

By far, one of the rarest and most powerful skills. Alongside research, this ability can easily differentiate between you and a common man.

Let me explain. When I hadn’t started MUN, I used to think about the world issues like any ignorant person, with zero solutions in mind or the desire for them, and a million perceived problems, whether real or not.

However, after MUN, I realized that the solution to the global issues is not as simple as a common man thinks, Take any issue and a common man can spell out 10 solutions without understanding whether they are realistic and feasible. This changes in MUN because you’re asked to provide concrete solutions, not just say whatever comes to your mind.

This is one of the skills that can totally transform a person, and I can’t stress that enough.



Applied with critical thinking, and it becomes super powerful and impactful in a person.
As I mentioned, this also moves you from the general ignorant mindset of ‘I know all’ to a mindset where there’s just so much to unveil and understand.

You can tell the difference between a well-researched person and an ignorant one. A person with research on a topic can never speak with the bias and baseless assumptions found in society.

A by-product of this skill in MUN is that you get way more aware of global issues than you previously had.



Thanks for reading my article!

If there’s more you’d like to add, welcome yourself to the comment section.

Good luck in your MUN journey!

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