The Dream of every woman is to live free from violence and discrimination they have physical and mental health to be educated and to earn an equal wage. Women’s Education develops society and through education. She can improve their background, financial status, and gender. Women must have sexual and reproductive rights. It would be wrong to consider the women behind in the goal of sustainable development. Strong women lift each other up.

Across the world, many women still face discrimination based on sex and gender. The reason for such gender stereotyping could be the view of the society for attributes of a male and woman. However, it could be argued that women’s are more emotional advanced, she just able to nurture a family or community singlehandedly, sadly, in many developing countries, boys are still considered superior to women and People only think that the life of a woman is mainly based on getting married, having children, left behind to maintain the household with little regard for their education. Uneducated women are not mindful of issues surrounding violence and abuse. Women conflict risk from violence, and throughout history, sexual violence has been used as a weapon of war. Rest of the world, on average 30% of all women have been experienced physical and/or sexual violence. It is estimated that between 2011 and 2020, 140 million girls will become child brides-in-laws. Before 18 years old.

Women should be able to live without fear of rape, forced marriage, forced pregnancy, forced abortion, or forced sterilization, and other sexual violence. Women should be educated so that they are more conscious of the environment and know how to solve their problems. It should be compulsory for all women to get an education and become enlightened. Women should stay flexible during changes and be great at thinking outside of the box and looking for new solutions to old problems. Women should be assured is an amazing signal of self-love, and it allows us to live far away from comparing. Strong women lift each other up.


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