COVID-19 — the new bug in the market. A bug that has managed to create chaos unheard of, in our generation. It has created spirals of spider web, one upon the other, in the minds of every sane brain out there. What follows it – is so uncertain. Even, looking back a couple of months seems like peeking from the current window to an unknown land. What was then NORMAL, will it ever be considered again, as NORMAL? This, right now, is the biggest challenge of 2020. One of many, yet to be figured out!

The norm of shaking hands, meeting friends, eating out, and spending time “outdoors” has now become a dream long lost. Never once it crossed the mind, that the whole world will face such circumstances, where staying away will be considered as staying safe. And when we come out of it, will we ever feel safe again? Same as times before, remember? 

The parks are empty, swings moving like pendulums waiting for the kids to join in the rhythm. Market places empty, playing hide-n-seek with unusual pleas of lock-down. If a shopkeeper dares to open its small business, he ends up pulling down the shutter with mere embarrassment as buyers shy away due to ever drowning financial resources.

How long will it take us to come back to the previous “Normal”? OR, will we go back to it? Rather create a new and safe “NORMAL”. How much time will it take us to trust the air we breathe, the people we meet? Will we be able to live the life we used to live or many of us would still be lost, each finding out their own “Normal”.

~Trying to steady my footing, finding my ‘NORMAL’~ 

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A writer; who studied and applied for numbers in the academic field. Later got up to strengthen her personal bond with the pen and paper. Now, a published author.


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