Google Pixel 4 drops to an all-time low of $400 at Amazon

Don’t despair if you’ve been yearning for a budget Google phone but wanted something more powerful than the current Pixel line. Amazon is selling the 64GB Pixel 4 for just $400, with B&H Photo matching that price. That’s an all-time low for the former flagship and makes it more affordable than a new Pixel 4a 5G — worth considering if processing power matters more than the latest wireless technology.

ou can also buy the 128GB version at a discount on both sites, although B&H currently offers a better deal at $430 versus Amazon’s $470.

There are some caveats. The Pixel 4 is nearly two years old, so it won’t get many more Android updates (Android 12 is one of them). Battery life and screen brightness are strictly so-so. And Google’s Motion Sense gesture feature never really panned out — it’s a nice bonus, but not something you’ll likely use on a daily basis.

In return, though, this might be a better value than the current Pixel 4a and 5 models, especially with the premium Pixel 6 series likely on the horizon. You’re getting a reasonably quick device with a smooth display and still-great cameras for as much or less than slower, typically less capable phones. So long as you can live with the quirks, it might deliver a better overall experience.

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