There was a bip. Everyone gathered in front of screen. It was last Saturday of month. This was monthly meeting of the secret group ” Omnivore’s Dilemma”. Alfredo, Alpha Ponsey, Beth and Ben were there only. Others joined them virtually due to Third wave of Covid. Kate was typing…. Everyone one was starting at their screens. They were all exhausted of month. They all need new story like blood. To renew their strength, to motivate them to thank God, to give them pleasure of hearing and sharing. Who else can give them this story except a psychologist. So Kate was all time favorite group member.
After few minutes the message appeared.

” Hi friends! Today mine old client came to me. She narrated an account of her recent experience of NDE. though I know there is some fabrication but it is worth sharing. Am I supposed to share????”
“Wtf is NDE????” Asked prince of abbreviations Ponsey, a young dude , a fresh member.
“Near death experience kiddo” Beth roared ” now keep quiet and only read , you go ahead Kate, we are all ears” he said in mic.
Ponsey shrugged and moved back to screen.

There was a last bip and here was a story

“It was a labyrinth, and I was not unhappy. I was happy. 1st time in recent times I was calm, in such situations which are out of my control and I know nothing how to tacel it. But at that moment I was ready to embrace next moment. I can feel the twitching in my womb. But let it go….. I can feel the smile and laughter of that lady .. I was thankful to her for many reasons. One was for her acting skills. I can feel the pressure of blood going downwards, doctor was kind but fate was not. But now I think no it was kind. Kind enough to give me some more time or kind enough to give me that experience. Suddenly I lost my breath, it was hard. Then it was like silk. I silked through my body. I saw that empty , wide operation theater. I saw the doctor, I smiled, smiled to see IV drip on her own hand. She came especially for me on call of my father in law. She just gave birth to her child few days ago and was still receiving drips and injections may be because she is too old for childbirth. I saw a lady on my head side. She was holding my hand and smiling. I just thought … Who is she? Is she my friend? Why is she here? Okay she is my mother in law, I recollected. Never mind, it was seizure of any emotion. I just passed few more clouds then he came. He , for whom I was ready to die. For whom I was ready to give birth despite of that big tumor. Despite of all warnings of City’s best gyinee. Let me confess it was my plan to give him gift of his baby and let my body go apart from my soul. I was fade up. No you are wrong . I have no issue in my life. My life is complete. I have everything a girl can dream of. I am rich in everything. In matter of family, friends, finances, good looks, good luck, career and intellect etc. Mean in all spheres of life, which ever you can think… I am complete. I am complete because everyone loves me. And I am incomplete because I know everyone loves me. And what makes a man more selfish then love??? Everyone was selfish for me and that is the invisible tumor. Much dangerous than one in my body. Oh just distracted. So there he came and I waved him happily. Good bye love. Sorry for being selfish for first time in my life but I am happy to leave you all here..bye bye… Next thought was of accountability. Ummmm now what??? What can I do now,,, have done all can’t change any thing. Let’s see what will happen, when have to face music then have to face music. Then came mum and Daida.. hi give her back, she commanded. Daida was silent, resolute silent. Silent like always when he was ever determined . And there came return of fate . I felt like dropped back, dropped back like a heavy pearl of water. It was finished . A flock of Paramedics was accompanying me to my room. Don’t know why they were so cheerful. They were talking and laughing and I just settled in there, in that statue lying on the stature. The next moment I vomited. One of them took it on her hands. Had she ate something before coming here? No she ate nothing in last few days. I was not satisfied with these comments، I vomited again , that time they got worried. As for them I was under anesthesia. It was like a fun to me. Again I tried to pretend vomiting but there worried faces made me postpone it. I slayed down calmly. After checking my pulse and b.p in midway they shifted me to the bed. Afterwards I was conscious , heard all the chatters. But I was calm . I was happy . No I was not happy because I escaped death. I was happy because that experience made me brave. I have faced the death. I have embraced it and my all fear of death was vanished. I felt there was no love, no hatred either. There was no ploy no hypocrisy. No burden of relations…just the truth . There was a truth of my own soul. I was happy. There was’t anything right, nothing wrong. There was only me. That menace which I only feel in times of pain , that pure feel of my bigness . First time I felt that feeling in joy. So here I am, again….
That was Katy, telling all this to them. They read this and left silently as per rule of their group. Their secret chat room became deserted soon but strangely everyone was satisfied. Satisfied and saturated as they all went through this whole personally. They could be,coz they all are weird . Masterpieces of The Great Master, The Creator, The Magnificent…

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Haleema Sadia
Writer is a lawyer by Profession and Writing is her passion. She writes about legal and global issues. She is also known for solution-based counseling. She has assisted various governmental and nongovernmental departments in making society centric polices. She is the founder of the secret chat group "Omnivore's Dilemma". She is also a caretaker of " Legal" and "It's Nature" Segments of "Socialitespaces".


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