Let’s just say, if you have a pergola in your home, honey, you need roofing over it. Your pergola may be covering a sitting area in the garden or a patio in your home but for it to be utilized. You need to have the roofing to enjoy the benefits of your pergola throughout the year. Putting a roof over it will increase its usage and durability in harsh weather as well. You can purchase all kinds of roofing from Marco Roofing since they have a huge variety of them.

One way to go is the clear polycarbonate roofing which will block the UV lights from entering while giving you a good enough time for sunlight. This technique will make your patio furniture last longer and would not be bleached by the rays of the sun.

Steps to installing

Gather up your supplies and toolbox because we are about to begin the installation.

  • Install the Purlins

Purlins need to be installed at the top of the pergola; you can even paint them beforehand to match the pergola. If your pergola panels go vertical, make sure to install your purlins horizontally to give a nice cross. Also, try that you have another set of hands to help you with this since it can be hard for a single person.

  • Install the closure strips

Closure strips are essential since they hold the roofing in place. These are attached to the bottom of your installed horizontal purlins. These do not require much labor because they just snap right onto the ends. However, to secure these, screwing up from the header of the pergola into the purlin is required. It is a wiser decision to add on a screw at each cross of the crossing beams of the pergola and the purlin. The vertical closure strips just ran at the ends of the horizontal closure strips.

  • Installing the clear polycarbonate roof

We know that the preparations took a while but now we have finally reached the point where we install our polycarbonate roof. Carefully measure your roofing sheets according to the size of your pergola and cut them even more carefully by leaving leverage at the bottom to hang out of the end of the pergola a little bit.

Now is when you place your measured and cut roofing sheets on top of the pergola. First, allow them to sit onto the vertical and horizontal closure strips that you have fixed and once they are where they are supposed to be, begin screwing them in. before screwing them on, make sure you predrill with a ¼” drill at first to allow room for contraction and expansion at different temperatures or else there will be unwanted cracks. Now you can fasten the roofing sheets by screws into the grooves but leave the last groove where the next panel would overlap it.

As tried and tested before, installation of such a roof is not hard and is pretty much a DIY, but it does require another set of hands and favorable weather to work.


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